Is there a sexually active man alive who doesn’t like getting oral sex?

If there are, you can probably count the number on one hand, and have fingers to spare, but here’s the problem:  A significant percentage of guys don’t like giving oral.  That’s a real shame, and after all, one of the biggest secrets to get more of what you love is to learn to embrace giving.

This article is written with that thought firmly in mind.

If you want your woman to spend more time going down on you, you’ve got to spend more time going down on her, and not just that, you’ve got to learn how.  You’ve got to get genuinely good at it.

Most guys treat oral sex with a woman like just another household chore.  Ladies, you’ve probably experienced this firsthand, because you’ve probably had a guy lick you like he was painting a fence with his tongue.

One continuous, up-then-down motion that never changes.

It feels good at first, but it’s just not very creative.  Most women need more.  Here’s how you give more.

Step 1 – Learn to Love The Vagina

Most guys will tell you that of course they love it.  How could they not?  If you want to excel at going down on a woman though, you’ve got to totally embrace it.

Spend time with your head between your lover’s thighs and really look at her vagina.  Study it.  Memorize every curve and fold of skin.  Inhale the scent of it.  Tease it open with your fingers and touch different places very lightly, gauging her reactions to your touch so you know where to lick later, and with what pressure and intensity.  Basically, do your homework!

Step 2 – Don’t be in a hurry

Women take a lot longer to reach an orgasm than men, so have fun with that.  Go slow and try different combinations of movements and variations.  Mix it up.  Don’t get stuck in a rut of doing the same things.

Step 3 – Don’t just use your tongue

Since you’re down there, and have full access, make the most of it!  Use your lips, your fingers, and facial hair, but be gentle where this last bit is concerned.  You can cause “scruff burn” if you’re not careful!

Step 4 – The Magic Trick

orgasmWe’ve saved the best for last, but if you do this, you’ll drive her absolutely insane.  Use the tip of your tongue like it was a pen.  Pick a word at random and spell it out on her vagina in looping, swirling cursive letters.  You can even turn it into a game, having her try to guess the word, after she recovers from the toe-curling orgasm you give her.  Or, you pick the first word and have her pick the next one.

Remember the words that hit all the right places, and reuse her favorites later, but definitely keep experimenting!

If you take the time and effort to get genuinely good at going down on a woman, she’ll be more than happy to reciprocate, any time you desire.  That’s win-win!