If you’re a shy woman, the thought of talking to, much less actively flirting with a guy can seem absolutely terrifying.  In your mind, it probably ranks right up there with shaving your legs with a three year old, rusty razor.  Okay, maybe not quite that bad, but close, and it can really work against you if you’re interested in a relationship, but so paralyzed by your fear that you can’t even take those first necessary steps.

No worries though, help is here.  This brief guide will give you the tools you need to let your inner flirt out!

Keep A Totem With You

totemYou probably have or own something that just makes you feel good about yourself.  A special locket.  A sweater you love to wear that makes you feel bold and confident.  Something.

Whatever it is, keep it with you when you go out in public.  It provides you with a powerful psychological tool, because when you feel bold and powerful and sexy, you invariably begin to act that way, and it can be the thing that helps you break through your own shyness barrier and open yourself up to the possibility of talking and flirting with that handsome guy you’ve been stealing glances at.

Guys Are Easy To Flirt With

easyHere’s something else to keep in mind.  Guys LOVE IT when women talk to them or pay attention to them.  The fact that you’re talking to him at all is going to make him feel like a million bucks, even if you’re a bit shy and hesitant at first.

That’s important because when you see the effect that your words are having on him, it’s going to make you feel better, more at ease, and more importantly, more confident, so just do it!  Seriously, starting is the hardest part.  Once you’re talking, it’s fairly easy to keep the conversation going.

Ask Questions

If you run out of things to say, or if you aren’t sure how to proceed, start by asking a question, especially if you’re asking for a guy’s opinion on something.  For instance, if you’re at a bookstore, and you really want to talk to a certain guy, grab a copy of two different books and walk over to him, asking something like, “hey – I’m trying to decide between these two books, have you read them?  What do you recommend?”

Something as simple as that can wind up being the start of a fantastic conversation. And the best part is, as the conversation unfolds naturally, more questions will occur to you, so you’ll literally never be without something to say or ask.

The Eyes Have It

eyesFinally, if you’re just too shy to actually approach a guy, let your eyes do the talking for you.  Stare at him until he catches you, then smile and look away, then look back.  You may have to repeat the gesture a few times, because it can take a while for some guys to catch on. But once he does, he’ll come over and talk to you, and your approach anxiety problem is solved!

Being a shy girl is tough, and it can make flirting a little problematic. But there are no problems that can’t be solved with a bit of applied creativity.  Get out there and start flirting, girl!