Not that long ago, there was a time that having a vibrator was considered unbelievably sexually liberated. Thankfully, that time is long past and the world of sex toys has exploded with creative and very thoughtful new designs, adaptations and functions to tickle everyone’s fancy. If you still have that same old ‘rabbit’ hopping away in your underwear drawer, it’s time to think about doing some shopping.

Womanizer Vibrator

This is a crazy and wonderful new toy designed to provide women with multiple orgasms without having to stop. It’s truly unique action gently sucks the clitoris and seals it within a pulsating vibration without making actual contact. This means that the sensation can continue without over stimulation allowing for unending and absolutely intense orgasms. Whether you want to spend some time on your own letting off some steam or you want to share the experience with a partner, this is a fun and powerful toy focusing on female pleasure. $99

The Little Bird

Have you ever found yourself hugely aroused while reading a good erotic story and wishing you had a vibrator handy? Well, wait no longer. You can synchronize this delightful vibrator, created by B-Sensory, with sexy stories. All you have to do is download their app and choose one of the stories in ‘vibrate mode’. With an insertable egg shape with the ability to stimulate your g-spot, you can trigger vibrations while you read by blowing on your screen, stroking it or gently shaking your device as you read your chosen story. You can also be control it long distance if you want to share your bedtime story with someone who is away. This is a versatile, different and fun toy and well worth $129.

The Transformer

Times are changing and with change comes innovation. The Transformer – a fantastic double ended vibrator that is perfectly gender neutral. Easily adjusted and inserted into any orifice, it’s a fun, versatile and perfect addition to anyone’s toy box. Want a penis ring, a vibrator, a g-spot stimulator or a prostate massager? With The Transformer, you have it all. For $129, you can seriously double your pleasure.

The Ora

Sometimes you just wish you had someone nearby willing to go down on you who wouldn’t get tired – or even need to breathe. Thankfully, designers have heard this call and come up with the first oral sex simulator for women. The Ora is a high tech oral sex simulator that has ten different patterns to leave you completely satisfied. At $170 you might just find yourself staying in on Saturday nights.

Stronic eins

If you like something that is more intense than a vibrating buzz, then you may want to give Stronic eins a try. This sex toy is all about pulsating energy and simulates realistic thrusting along with highly effective g-spot stimulation. The sex toy uses low frequency pulses to take you to a different level of ecstasy. Considered a toy for the real self pleasure connoisseur. At $189, it’s possible you may spend a lot of time alone with this baby.

Rimming Simulator

For the best in anal pleasure toys, you just have to try B-Vibe Rimming Simulator. A vibrating butt plug that will truly help you discover that there’s a whole lot of fun to be had at your back door. This unique anal toy has rotating beads in its neck that together with the intense internal vibration, will take you to another level. Splash proof and shower friendly, you will enjoy hours of butt play for $179.95.