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We’ve been obsessively watching Caitlyn Jenner on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! and hanging onto her every word, just in case some interesting Kardashian/Jenner facts slip out.

And one of Caitlyn Jenner’s latest revelations has shocked absolutely everyone – which is the fact that her daughter Kylie Jenner has to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a month on security. $400,000 to be exact.

We need a moment to process this…

“Kylie will spend anywhere between $300,000 and $400,000 a month. A ton of money. Everywhere. It’s a big operation,” she told fellow contestant Cliff Parisi.

“It’s sad but they have been doing it forever,” she said in response to jungle campmate Roman Kemp, who asked if it made her sad that her children had to go through so much just to leave the house.

“They like having the security guys there.”

And we don’t really blame them!

After what happened to Kim Kardashian in Paris, and the various robberies that have been documented over the years, it isn’t surprising to learn that the family is taking their safety seriously.

But $400,000 a month? Like us, the internet was having trouble processing that gargantuan number…


“imagine being able to spend £350k a month on security? imagine being able to spend £350k a month on anything. imagine being able to spend £350k a year on anything?????? god help my poor ass #ImACeleb”


“$350,000 a month on SECURITY!! ?? @KylieJenner you hiring hun? #ImACeleb”


“Kylie Jenner spends 350K a month just on security guards?? I can’t even afford a £3 meal deal from Tesco rn #ImACeleb”

What we would do with $400,000 a month…