When packing travel essentials for men, a list is one thing that makes it easier to do. Most articles usually focus on the essentials for travel for women. Well, Love is All Colors is switching things today and focusing on men. It doesn’t matter where you are traveling to. Whether it is Europe or anywhere there are always some essentials to pack. Scroll on as we bring you some key things you should carry for your next trip…

Traveling essentials for men

Finally, you have decided to take that trip to Europe. You have been planning it for a while now. The flights gave been booked, the hotels have been booked too. This is one trip that you have been looking forward to and you can’t wait for the day to arrive. That said, much as you have all the travel and sleeping arrangements covered, there is still one very important detail you haven’t gotten around to doing… packing!

Do you have an idea of the Europe travel essentials and accessories that you need to pack for your trip? Have you no idea of what to take on holidays abroad? Well, to save you the time and hustle, we have come up with a list of travel essentials for men. So here is a guide to help you make that decision.

Where will you carry your stuff?

The first thing you need to consider before even thinking about your travel essentials when going to Europe, whether its traveling essentials for women or men is where you are going to put all that stuff. Now, what you are choosing will highly depend on you, your lifestyle, where you traveling to and how many places you will be visiting on this long-awaited trip.

Generally, the choices aren’t that many. You can either go for a wheeled suitcase or a travel backpack. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages depending on what kind of guy you are and your preferences.

The good thing with a wheeled suitcase is that you don’t really have to worry about the weight on your back. Plus, with a suitcase, organizing your stuff will be pretty easy. You can go for a softshell one which can fit in many places and is also more durable. The hard-shell ones, on the other hand, can really protect your fragile items. Unfortunately, they are easily damaged and can crack if handled poorly at the airport.

Our recommendation for this Europe trip is the soft shell ones as they are more versatile.

Seeing as you are going to Europe, depending on where you are staying, one disadvantage of the wheeled suitcases is that they can be harder to move in Europe’s stones and the long staircases. So if you have no issue with having some weight on your back, this is where the travel backpack takes the lead. This can be a great travel essentials carry on. Opt for a spacious one with several pockets to stuff things in.

If you are carrying a lot of things, they can be very uncomfortable and harder to organize than a suitcase. Whatever option you go for, let it be the right size to fit the things you are packing for your Europe trip. Go for a color that stands out so that someone else doesn’t accidentally confuse it with yours otherwise it can mess your whole trip.

Clothing guide and style

People usually focus on traveling essentials for women. And we have to admit that Europe has a reputation for having very fashionable people. But women aren’t the only ones who need to look great while traveling. Men also need to have a look that is both comfortable and attractive. Whenever people make plans for Europe, they worry a lot about what to carry. So do you want to blend in while in Europe?

The general rule is to pack light. So think mix and match clothing items. Put the weather in mind. And carry stuff that you can wear more than once is still look different when you mix things up. So here are some clothing items to consider if you are wondering what to take on holidays abroad.


Begin with the basics. If you are looking for Europe travel essentials for spring or summer holiday destinations, start with the t-shirts. Always carry a white or grey t-shirt that can be perfectly paired with stylish accessories. Think about how you will mix and match say 3 or 4 different colors of t-shirts. Also, consider packing some lightweight shirts. Carry say 2 or 3 long-sleeved ones because they are versatile and can be rolled up if it gets warm. Also, carry something to layer up like a cardigan or sweater in case it gets chilly and a hoody for the rains.


Comfortable and fashionable trousers are important travel essentials for men. Carry some dark wash jeans that you can wear with any of your tops and some lightweight trousers in case it gets warm. Much as shorts aren’t such a European look, carry a pair just in case.


Make sure your shoes stand out. Comfort is key as you might have to walk a lot on the streets. Carry about 2 pairs. One pair should be comfortable walking shoes like tennis shoes or sandals. Bring a pair of flip flops for the beach.


Have a travel essentials carry on that you will carry when out sightseeing or for carrying small necessary things. A small backpack should do where you can carry your cash, toiletries, documents and electronics.


Accessorize well. Carry a trendy watch, some light jewelry, scarves, sunglasses and a tie for when you want to look a little fancy.

Underwear and loungewear

Carry at least 5 pairs of comfortable and breathable underwear that can easily dry and some loungewear for when you just want to relax or get out of those jeans.


Also, carry 5 pairs of socks that will make your feet feel great.

What electronics to carry

Electronics are very important these days especially for the trip as important as Europe. So what are great electronic essentials for travel?

Smartphone/SIM Cards

These are the very essential. They should be at the top of your list. You need to consider a data plan so that you can take pictures and make memories. At the same time, you need to connect with your family and friends. So check out prepaid Europe data plans.


This is one other thing you can carry and you can download your apps before traveling and connect to Wi-Fi whenever you need to.


Have a kindle in case you plan on reading your favorite books whenever you take a break from sightseeing and walking.


Always carry your laptop especially if you as the kind of person who might have to work while traveling.


If taking a picture using your smartphone isn’t your thing or you like photography, carry a great camera.

Outlet plugs, power banks, and chargers

These are other travel essentials for men because, for one, European power outlets and voltage might be different from your own country. So make sure you carry those that fit. Also, carry converters so that you can protect your electronics. Have a power bank that can charge your small devices like your smartphone or tablet while on the go.

What other essentials for travel for men?

Below are the most important essentials that you really need to prepare before traveling.

Tickets and travel documents

These are very important as you can’t travel without your air tickets or travel documents. Carry your passport, original identification documents and make some copies for accommodation confirmations.


Well, you will need some cash that’s for sure in order to buy a few small purchases here and there. So try exchanging a few notes to the currency of Europe. And don’t forget your debit and credit cards. That said have some little hard cash with you for emergencies.

Safety padlocks

You will definitely have some valuables with you such as your tablets and laptops. Plus, you will also have your documents with you. Carry a small padlock that you can program and put a safety code. It’s important to have some peace of mind while traveling. Also, buy a good wallet or some pouch that you can discreetly wear around the waist or neck. Always keep your money and travel documents safe.


Invest in a health plan while traveling. So prepare your health products and pack them in advance to take care of small things like pain. Pack your prescription medicine with you and vitamins. Always have pain killers and band-aids just in case. Don’t ever disregard your health while traveling abroad.


Much as most hotels will provide these toiletries are other travel essentials for men especially if there are special ones that you use. If you have to bring your own, also carry a toiletry bag so that everything is well organized.

Sealable bags

Bring some spill-proof sealable bags with you. Plus, these can also be used for carrying dirty clothes so that they don’t mix with your clean ones.


Like I mentioned above, most hotels will always provide these for you. But if you are forced to book a cheap motel, then you might miss some of these essentials. Always have some tissue and wet wipes. You never know when they might come in handy especially when you are on the road.

Laundry items

You might have to do some laundry at some point especially if you are packing light and staying for much longer. So bringing such traveling essentials for men is important. Carry a small laundry some, or a small packet of detergent. Don’t forget a foldable, portable clothesline so that you can be able to wash and hang your underwear and socks.

At least you now know how to pack travel essentials for your Europe trip. Remember to organize those travel documents first. Make sure you have a checklist so that you check off everything that you have already packed. Have the list with you during travel so that you also don’t forget to pack all your stuff when moving around or checking out of the hotel.

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