Are you a gay couple planning your romantic vacation but have no idea where to go and where you will enjoy your vacation freely without strangers gawking at you? There are quite a number of gay-friendly holiday destinations where you will get minimal discrimination. Read on to find out where you can enjoy your next gay romantic holiday…

Gay pride holidays

For the LGBTQ community, making a choice of a great holiday destination can be stressful because of the attitudes and discrimination that some of these couples experience. Much as there has been a significant acceptance to gay couples, there are some places in the world where their laws are still discriminatory. So this is something that should be put into consideration. In order to enjoy your holiday, you need to find a vacation spot that has gay couples goals at heart.

Most big cities around the world have a great mix of people, lifestyle, culture, and nightlife that are perfect for LGBTQ holidays. You need to search for gay-friendly countries as these attract more gay travelers which will make socialization much easier while you enjoy your vacation. So let’s dive in and see where you can have the perfect gay romantic holiday… places loved by other gay couples.


If you are looking for something exotic for a gay couple, then Thailand tops the list. It has been hailed as one of the most gay-friendly countries in Asia. And it is also the perfect holiday destination for LGBTQ holidays and honeymoons. The country has granted gay couples their basic rights. Unfortunately, same-sex marriage is yet to be accepted.

You can visit throughout the year. But the best time is between November and April. For full enjoyment of LGBT holidays April is perfect. If you planning on getting your turn on, Thailand is perfect. Bangkok is best for gay pride holidays for those looking to enjoy the urban experience and the nightlife. If you want some peace and quiet, Koh Samui is the place to visit. And if you looking for a bit of both, try Phuket.

Some of the most popular gay hotels are located in Thailand and Phuket. These are Baan Souy, Aquarius Guesthouse, and Babylon Bangkok. And if you want to be a part of their special events, visit Bangkok in spring for the most popular gay event, GCircuit SK12.


For gay holidays Europe, Greece is the country to consider for that Mediterranean holiday.  Much as Greeks are considered to be a bit conservative, gay couples have been granted most gay rights. Much as marriage hasn’t been accepted, a gay couple can live together peacefully, making it the perfect spot for gay travelers.

Summertime, between June and early September, is the best time to visit these islands. Mykonos, Athens, Crete, Santorini, Paros! These are the most popular places for gay couples.

For gay holidays Mykonos, Elysium is the most popular hotel in Greece with lots of gay residences. And if you want to enjoy some popular events visit X-Lsior.  Mykonos also organizes gay parties in their gay clubs and bars. Athens is also popular for such organized parties.


Here, almost all gay rights have been granted. And the best months to visit are April, May, September, and October because the weather is great. Plus it is less crowded during those months. Milan, Rome, Naples, Sorrento are some of the best places for a gay couple to enjoy their holiday. There are several gay hotels and guest houses especially in Rome. And if you want to enjoy the countryside, the Bellaugello Gay Guest House is the place to be!


The Spanish gay community gave been granted all the gay rights. So as a gay couple, you won’t have to hide it. You can be as open as you like. During summer (June to August) it can be very crowded. May and October is the best time to visit if you prefer a smaller crowd. Madrid, Barcelona, La Gomera, Sitges are some of the places to enjoy your gay holiday. Spain is host to numerous gay hotels. The two hailed by most gay coupes are Aqua Beach Bungalows in Gran Canaria and the Finca La Maroma in Andalucia.


Whenever you think romance, think France. It is one of the most romantic places in the wold and the locals are very welcoming to the gay community. August is when most people visit France. For smaller crowds, we recommend May to July. The best cities to visit are Paris, Nice, Normandy, and Bouches du Rhone. Paris has the most organized gay scene with bars and clubs frequently hosting events. Most gay hotels can be found in Paris with Cinq & Sept being the most popular.

Other places are Switzerland, Israel, Iceland, and Portugal. So now you know where to go for LGBT holidays 2019.

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