Being gay in today’s world often carries a certain stigma with it. That’s unfortunate, but it’s true far more often than it isn’t. But although it may sound strange, there are actually several advantages to being in a gay interracial relationship. Here are a few:

The Curiosity Factor
When people look at a gay couple, and that couple is from the same race, out come the stereotypes and stigmas. Curiously though, if the gay couple also crosses ethnic or cultural boundaries, they’re regarded as a genuine curiosity. It’s almost as though people forget to hate on them because they’re so surprised. That’s a good thing, in that it provides a certain amount of emotional cover, but of course, you tend to get more wide eyed stares.

The Wow Factor
Because the LGBT community is quite a small percentage of the total population, gay couples, at least in certain more progressive parts of the country, are given special attention, and in a positive way, simply because it’s not something you see a lot of. That goes double if you’re in a interracial relationship because it adds a certain exotic flair. Of course, this can be a bit of a two-edged sword, because you and your mate may feel a bit like you’re “on display” whenever you go out. Even so, feeling a little like a celebrity wherever you go isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

More Questions, Less Hatred
People tend to ask questions about how the two of you got together, and in doing so, they find out more about you as human beings. It’s harder to despise someone once they’re real to you. Once you get to know them as a person, which very much works to your advantage.

(Often) Only One Family To Deal With
In many cases, one or the other family is overseas, thousands of miles away, in which case, you’ve only got one set of potentially angry family members to contend with. Some families are, of course, more accepting than others, but if your family isn’t one of those, that can leave you feeling under siege all the time. It’s nice not to feel that from your family and his/hers too. It gives you a bit of breathing room.

No matter how you slice it, in certain parts of the world, being in a gay relationship can be a lesson in frustration, even danger. Not because of your partner, but because of the way the world sees you. Fortunately, if you look, you can often find a silver lining!