Leos are the most charismatic of all zodiac signs. Leo men are natural leaders and they love theatrics. They also love themselves, but not to the exclusion of others. They just have incredible confidence and enjoy self-admiration as much as they do the attention of others. Just like their lion namesake, they are courageous and big-hearted. Known for their generosity and for performing grand gestures, they enjoy luxury and fine things. They have huge personalities and are often surrounded by those attracted to their magnetic personalities.

Leo men are great cuddlers. They love to laze around and be stroked and adored. They will, in turn, treat their partners like royalty and spoil and entertain them. Plus they love excitement and adventure and are eager participants in anything new. It can take some effort for lovers to provide sufficient unique and creative stimulation to excite their Leo man, but once they do, Leo men are passionate and considerate lovers, if not just a little bit lazy.

The sex

Setting the scene for sex with a Leo man should be like preparing for a prince. Leo men love shiny and expensive things. They have a deep need to feel like they are being made a fuss of. Make a real event of a night with a Leo man and you’ll soon discover exactly why he’s king of the jungle. To entice a Leo you need to be theatrical and glamorous, confident and amorous. Most of all you need to make sure that he believes that you find him irresistible.

Leo men are playful and fun and they are willing to try absolutely anything, just to prove how brave and adventurous they are. So, don’t be afraid to dress up, dance, cover yourself in glitter or to indulge in some kinky foreplay. Leos are very sensuous and enjoy it when their lovers tease them. This makes them feel desired, especially if you’ve made a special effort or planned sex games well in advance. Your Leo man must feel wanted and very special to give you his absolute best.

Sex positions

The best sex positions for Leo men will invariably involve a mirror. Leo men not only want to admire their own prowess while they make love, but they want to be able to see how much you are enjoying their attentions. Doggy style in front of a mirror in the bedroom or any mirror for that matter is going to make him feel powerful and sexy. He’ll also be able to make eye contact with you. Even though Leos don’t always express their emotions, they have huge hearts and feel deeply, so when he looks into your eyes in the mirror while making you orgasm, you’ll be able to see into his soul.

Leos are inclined to happily let their partners do all the work so that they can lay back and feel worshiped. Even though Leo men like to dominate, they don’t mind at all being tied up while you pleasure them. If you want to give a Leo man a really special night, tie him to the bed and dance over him so he can see your vagina while you do it. This will drive him absolutely wild and that’s when you’ll see the real beast come out to play.