Getting to know someone new is fun and exciting in its own right, but there are a number of interesting ways to make the process even more fun.  How?  Turn it into a game!  Here are a few simple ideas:

  • The Food Game

orderingOnce you have a basic understanding of your dates likes and dislikes, next time you’re at a restaurant, propose a fun game. She orders for you and you order for her.  Not only does this give you a fun way to see just how much attention your date has been paying, you’ve always got the option of “swapping plates” if the other person gets it wrong.  And you’ll almost certainly wind up trying something new!

  • Veritas

This is a twist on the classic “twenty questions” game. It goes like this:  I make three statements about myself.  Two are true, and one is false.  Then you have to try and guess which one is false and why you think so.  I’ll tell you if you’re right or wrong (and if you guessed incorrectly, tell you which one was actually false), and then we switch roles.  Not only is this much more fun than the traditional “twenty questions,” but it can lead to some wild conversations!

  • The Driving Game

drivingThis is a good after dinner activity, assuming that neither of you have any place you have to be immediately. Start driving.  At each intersection, have your date flip a coin.  Heads is right, tails is left.  Keep driving until you’re both in an area you’re not familiar with, then find a place to park, get out of the car and go explore it together.  There’s no telling what you might find!

  • Tellin’ Stories

This works especially well if both of you are people watchers by nature. At a restaurant, or the mall, or wherever you are where there are lots of people around you, pick a person, group, or couple out from the crowd and watch them together, then make up a story about them.  Why they’re there, what they’re talking about, what they’re like, and so on.  It’s fun, and you can pick up some amazing observations about the person you’re with, based on how he or she describes the scene.

  • Completion

notesThis works best if you’re both on about the same level of artistic talent, but of course, can work in any situation. On a napkin, or in a notebook (really anything you can draw on), make a squiggle.  Just a random shape or collection of lines.  Then slide it to your partner.  His or her goal is to turn the squiggle into a recognizable picture.  When the masterpiece is completed, you switch roles.

Using games like this is a much more fun and engaging way to learn a lot about the person you’re dating.  The trouble is that the tried and true “twenty questions” can be boring, and sometimes makes a date feel more like a job interview.  Avoid that by injecting some fun into the process of getting to know each other.