Coloring your lovely locks is a fun and fashionable way to change your look in a way that focuses the spotlight on you in the best possible way. Today’s hair coloring comes in so many different shades and ways to apply for maximum impact that you may never have dreamed there would be a way to take it to an even higher level. Well, dream on because new on the cosmetology scene is athermochromic hair dye that changes color based upon the environment.

What precisely in the environment? Heat, heat, baby. Just like the mood rings of the 1970s, hair colored with one of these cutting edge dyes will change with the temperature. The temperature may come from your head or from the air. Or even a bright ray of warm sunshine caressing your ‘do.

How it works

Working like the technology that brought you clothing that changes color because of the heat of your body, the dye does its magic by using carbon molecules. The molecule morphs into different colors as the temperature goes higher. A less stable form of the molecule refracts light differently. Showing a tint to the human eye when the dye is a a cooler temperature. As the temperature rises another form of the molecule is created which absorbs light in a different way. This means the color transforms. Over the period of a few minutes and certainly hours your thermochromically dyed hair will move through a range of hues, super sensuous and amazingly eye catching.

Available colors


The colors available, and their shifting hues, are (cold) black to (hot) red, (cold) black to (hot) white, (cold) silver to (hot) blue, (cold) blue to (hot) white, and (cold) black to (hot) yellow. Imagine how this color slide through the tints will wake up your image, keeping everyone on edge wondering what you will feature next.

Researchers have worked hard to make the changes look fabulous. Styling for date night yet fun enough for a causal girls night out. The dye is safe for your hair and your body, a stunning look with no downside except maybe being a bit shocking in some environments.

Is it permanent?


Now the question is will this be a one-time fling for you or a look you will rock for the long term? The dye is semi-permanent, washing out after a few shampoos. Only you know if you can handle the attention aimed your direction as your hair goes through its changes. We are guessing there are some divas who will want to try the whole color box. Finding the temperature change that fits your fashion sense and mood the best. For others using this heat activated dye may just an occasional treat. Saved for vacations or weekends with your best friends. It might not play as well for those who have jobs that require a slightly more conservative look. However, its temporary nature really makes it something to try for kicks and giggles.