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We already know that Kanye West has promised his fans new music, but let’s not forget that he also has a fashion line to maintain as well!

The father-of-three debuted some new shoes for his Yeezy line on social media, and to say that Twitter is unhappy with their appearance would be a huge understatement.

Many fans have compared the blue sliders to sponges, Crocs, and even shoes reminiscent of the shoes inmates wear in prison, which might not be what the designer was going for.

Although, given that the ugly shoe trend seems to be having a serious style moment right now, maybe that’s exactly what he was going for…

Here are just a few of the less-than-impressed Twitter reactions:


This is really county jail clothes and I am astounded that folks will purchase.


I didn’t think it was possible to gentrify jail shoes………


I hope your album is better than these slides.


I was trying to find a way to describe this but can’t improve on your take. Yeezy’s Commissary Slides.


That is the ugliest f-ing shoe I’ve ever seen.


My grandma loves hers. They keep her from slipping in the shower.

In his defence, Kanye West did Tweet that the shoes in question were a “rough draft” – will he take the Twittersphere’s comments on board and drastically change their appearance? Only time will tell…