These days, meeting a partner of a different race is not any more difficult than meeting someone of the same race. As interracial couples become part of the mainstream, more and more opportunities are available to meet an interracial mate. Here are five key ways to meet that special someone of another race.


If you are strapped for money and don’t have an exclusive club membership, the primary place to meet your date is, of course, the internet. There are numerous dating sites that are safe and fun platforms designed to help you meet singles looking for an interracial partner. Sign up with a dating website which encourages interracial dating and brings together contacts from all races. Be clear, however, as to your expectations and what kind of person you would like to meet. Another way to meet online is meet-up sites. There are sites dedicated to meet ups for interracial dating. Check out the web for meet-ups in your area.

Church events

Joining a church which welcomes members of both races provides an opportunity to meet someone with similar values. Make a point of attending church events like fund-raisers, Christmas fairs, and participate in church outreach programs. In other words, getting involved in church activities is the best way to meet a potential mate.

Take college courses

Signing up for full or part-time college courses at your local campus will not only provide you with an opportunity for self-growth, but also provides the opportunity to expand your social circle. If you are intellectually minded, undertake research or assist in a lab. If you are more creative, volunteer for stage productions. Look for part-time jobs on the campus, such as in the library or dean’s office. There are many opportunities on a college campus to meet academic men and women.

Classical arts venues

Get involved in classical arts. If you can spare the time, volunteer at your local symphony, opera, or theater, or join an appreciation society or a club geared to promote classical arts. If you are talented yourself, it is never too late to foster that talent. For instance, if you have dancing skills, sign up for ballet classes, learn ballroom dancing or the waltz, or if you play the piano, brush up and expand your piano-playing repertoire. Like to act? Take acting lessons from the local theater company. Just remember: artsy potential mates hang out at classical arts venues.

Cultural points of interest

Other venues where you can meet like-minded potential mates are museums, art galleries, auction houses and historical monuments. Not only will you enjoy brushing up on culture, you never know with who you may strike-up an interesting conversation. Be sure sort out your Monet from your Manet to ensure an interesting discussion in a wonderful venue.

Don’t forget special interest clubs, as well, such as a society for wine connoisseurs, cooking classes, or a polo club. Go on a cruise for singles to an exotic location, or attend sporting events with a group of singles, and cheer on your favorite team.

These are but a few suggestions of ways to meet an interracial companion. The possibilities are endless, and you can have loads of fun and even learn something in the process.