When you find people searching on the internet about in fashion colors, it is simply because colors are known to have the power to influence people’s moods and emotions. This is why designers and all people who are in the fashion industry go out of their way to suggest and come up with color trends that will uplift our spirits, especially during the summer and spring seasons. Usually, they suggest bright and vibrant shades.

From your head to your toe, how about we take a glimpse of what color trends you should be looking out for and what colors go together in fashion that you can play around with while you bask in the sun once again.

Colors in fashion right now… and all year round

It was just the other day that I was talking about merino wool clothing when we were living in our wooly sweaters, gloves, and boots. Yes, winter comes with its holiday cheer but to be honest, there is only so much you can do when it comes to fashion. So if the cold kept you blue as it did me, now is the time to lift your spirits and enjoy all the hues that spring and summer have to offer.

There will definitely be some basic colors in fashion that will be common all over the runway, streets, and Instagram. And according to Pantone, this year’s fall we will be taking a break from the brighter tones, embracing a “less is more” approach. To be honest you will be bewitched by the in fashion colors that are all over Instagram and every cool fashionista blog.

Desire for timelessness and versatility

Some of the things that fashion gurus were driven by this year were the versatility and timelessness of colors. The colors that will shine this year are colors seasonal classics that are filled with strength and personality. These colors express the continuing desire for unique self-expression of the fashion industry through creative and unique visual statements that stand out. These hues reflect the changing mindset of today’s shopper whose main priority lies in longevity and worthiness as opposed to hues that flourish today and are forgotten tomorrow.

Whether you are looking for in fashion hair colors or in fashion lipstick color, get ahead of the curve by looking for these colors the next time you go shopping.

From bold fiery reds to classic blues, to all unimaginable shades scroll on as we share with you some of the biggest variety of creative colors in fashion right now that you are bound to see everywhere. Check them out, below.

Hot Scarlet

Where would we be without adding some fire to our basic colors in fashion? Fiery red always speaks volumes – bold, bright, warm, energetic… If there is a hue that oozes confidence and indisputably makes a fashion statement, then flaming red is that color.

If you are searching for what colors go together in fashion, then fiery scarlet is a hue that will go with any shade of blue denim that you pick or have. How about throwing on a red and pair it with your skinny jeans?

Hands down, scarlet introduces upbeat energy to any piece of clothing that you pair it with – — that it does, indeed. So if you want to add some warm and energetic feel to any outfit, then this is the color to go for this year.

Faded Blue

This faded shade of blue is one of the most reliable go-to pair of jeans for all seasons. It is a shade that has stood the test of time. This shade makes the wearer very approachable. It conveys comfort and ease and always looks chic when its paired with bold and lively colors.

The faded denim hue is very soothing and easy on the eyes. This classic hue of blue is definitely a color of comfort. Step out in it when you want to step into a new world of possibilities.

Biscay Green

Just like blue above, this year is all about stepping out in cool, refreshing aqua shades. And this is why this unexpected shade of green dominated the runways. This will not be a true in fashion colors article without this new trending shade of green. It is light. It is fresh. And the way things are looking this color is not about to slow down any time soon. It’s one that will for sure stand out!

If you are going for a pretty springtime look, pair it up with any shade of pink. We guarantee you that this Biscay hue will act as your newest neutral color of the season.

Coral Pink

This mixture of the warmth of coral and the gracefulness of pink gives birth to this soothing, feminine hue that is versatile enough to be pulled off both day and night. If anything it is the perfect hue for evening textured fabrics, such as silk, sequins, and tulle.

If you want a bit more color but still keep things hushed, Rose Tan is the recommended alternative.


This is a rich shade of orangey-yellow which will give any outfit that vivacious and confident outlook. From in fashion hair colors to in fashion lipstick color to shoes, you can rock this flavorful shade with boldness. Seen in a wide variety of fabrics, this spicy hue pairs perfectly with dark denim pieces or any neutral pieces you own. This glowing orange is perfect for the autumn season.


Clearly when the fashion gurus must have been hypnotized by the color green.  Chive is another shade of green that graced the list of in fashion colors for 2020. Compared to Biscay green, Chive is a much darker and richer shade. It pairs stunningly with a wide range of colors. Try it with Saffron and you will be the hottest thing in town.


What is spring and summer without the heavy measure of white to get us in the warmth of the season? Plus, you need it to reflect that summer heat.

This is one color that prides itself for its longevity and versatility. Runways were brimming with head-to-toe looks of white in different textures, fabrics, and shades – from subtle oyster mushroom to bright white. No matter what you pair it with, this is one neutral color that you can never go wrong with despite the fabric, from satin to lace.

Almond oil is the off-white shade that we can see being embraced by the street-style consumers because of its subtleness and sophistication.


One thing about in fashion colors for 2020 is that they seem to be all over the place. That said, this is not a bad thing. Fashion is gravitating towards the anything-goes direction. This is why fashion designers and gurus are focusing more on bringing out a person’s individuality. So when thinking of colors, they have to come up with colors that appease a wide range of tastes, moods, and aesthetics.

So whatever your preference, there is something for everyone. As you can see above there are so many fun colors you can play around with this lovely year of 2020. So don’t restrict yourself to just one color… The spirit this year is to embrace them all. If not, go for the ones that lean more towards your personal style.

The beauty of these 2020 color trends is that they are friendly and relatable. They convey a casual feel that is rich in heritage and tradition, as well as energizing and optimistic combinations. The easiest way to pair these colors, even the faded blue one, is with a pair of jeans.

Ready to step out in these soothing colors of the year? Add these colors to your wardrobe and rock these fabulous shades in these coming seasons. Look trendy and chic in an easy and effortless way with this year’s color trends that will work perfectly with your denim. Don’t be left behind. Give these colors a try and look fully on-trend all year round. I have played around will all of them and I am loving the look.

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