Is dating a skinny guy still a thing? Do women dig skinny guys? The thing is, just like women men come in different shapes and sizes. Plus, society will always have its own expectations and standards of what kind of man is attractive. Unfortunately, in most communities, skinny guys are ignored by women because there is a common misconception of mistaking skinny for poor or unhealthy. Well, there are those women who like their guys tall and skinny. And then there those women who date shorter, plump men and still make very beautiful couples.

One thing we have to admit is that dating skinny men doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a problem with big or fat guys. So what are the benefits of dating skinny men? Read on as Love is all Colors explores…

Benefits of dating a skinny guy

Much as size might not matter there are women, bigger women who might feel uncomfortable and even shy away from dating skinny guys. This is because they could be under the impression that a skinny guy would only approach her just to do her as a favor or is because he feels sorry for her. And then the woman might think that the dude has a fetish for fat women or he might be doing it on a dare.

One thing I know for sure is that it all boils down to attraction and personality. There are those men who appreciate their women to be on the rounder, softer side. So if you are a woman who has been turning down that skinny guy who is head over heels for you and has already declared so, here are some things benefits of being with a thin guy that might change your mind…

They will help you keep your weight in check

One of the main benefits of dating a skinny guy is that you will begin watching your weight because whenever you are with him, you will always feel bigger. This can help one keep in check bad habits that might contribute to being obese or unhealthily big seeing as when you continue being bigger he will look un proportionally thin when you are together. This being bigger than the boyfriend has encouraged most women to hit the gym and eat healthier.

When looking at weight there are those women who might also have concerns about being too skinny for men. Dating skinny guys might make you appreciate your petite body as he will make you feel a bit bigger.

He will eat well

There is the saying: The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, if there is one thing that brings joy to most women, is a man who enjoys eating food that has been prepared by the girlfriend. Funny thing, especially when they meet a woman who is a bit plump, most men tend to be great eaters in the hopes that they will add some little bit of meat on their bony structures. Unfortunately for most of them, a woman’s professional and delicious cooking might not yield those results. Some men are just genetically skinny.

Skinny guys shower their women with confidence

If dating skinny guys who love dating bigger women, chances they are genuinely attracted to bigger women. Otherwise, if that wasn’t the case, then they wouldn’t be with you in the first place. Even if you are dating a fitness model who is hot and ripped with muscles or he is a skinny guy with tattoos, if he loves the way you are, he will always compliment you and tell you how sexy you are. Skinny guys who love big women usually understand how harsh the world can be on them. So they want to reassure the woman how beautiful and sexy she is no matter the extra pounds she is packing. They want their women to feel confident enough to be with them.

No matter how shallow the world is, you know one person who isn’t – your boyfriend

For a big woman dating a skinny guy, you get to laugh at all those shallow people who thought you will die alone just because you are big. Yes, there is nothing as great as knowing that your boyfriend isn’t as shallow as the rest who aren’t. You will get a kick out of knowing that he chose you over the rest. That’s a great self-esteem boost, right?

No burden!

Skinny men are usually healthier and stronger than they appear. That might translate to great bedroom skills. Plus, you won’t have to worry about that after-sex weight on you. So he will never be a burden on you … literally.

You can completely dominate him… in bed that is…

When asked why he likes dating skinnier men, some woman’s reply was, “If ever it so happens that we got into a physical fight, the results of that fight will be favorable on my end”. Well, the dominance I am talking about is the sexual kind. So if you are the kind of woman that loves taking the lead and you think lying on top of a man who can take on your weight is a turn on, then get yourself a skinny dude. You will definitely get a kick of the BDSM bedroom games.

So are women still dating skinny men?

The question of whether or not one can date a skinny guy with tattoos or dating a fitness model who is muscular has got nothing to do with a woman who just wants to show off or one that is superficial. It is more about the question of preference. It’s what the woman chooses. Plus, sometimes, after spending time with a skinny guy, his great personality might rub off on you and before you know it, you are head over heels with him and his skinniness and tattoos simply fade away from your mind. They become something you don’t notice but embrace.

There are those women whose goal is to find a man who loves and respects her despite the size. They just get swept off their feet by the way the man loves and takes care of there. Much as looks and physical attraction do matter, the bark ends with the woman. The thing is, the attractiveness of a man has other sexually dimorphic characteristics such as height, shoulder width, frame, muscles, depth of voice, under the belt endowment and prowess, body fat percentage (which is inversely related to testosterone) among others, a woman is capable of being completely attracted to a skinny man… even a shorter man.

When looking at fitness, women who prefer skinny men, probably want a man who is well toned over a dude with a bodybuilder’s muscles. So they might not be into the common gym goer. If for instance, you lack the most common sexual dimorphism such as height or big jaw, don’t try and overcompensate this by growing too large muscles. In most cases, men who become too unpropotionally puffy tend to become less appealing hence losing the attraction and attention of women.

So if you are not building your body for a profession such as wrestling or bodybuilding, but for the sake of solely attracting women, then build the right kind of physique. Concentrate on working the arms, shoulders upper chest and glutes and stay as lean as you can. Remember, one of the sexual dimorphism characteristics is testosterone. The lesser the percentage of body fat, the higher the testosterone levels.

Do fitness and dating go together?

The thing is, if you feel you are too skinny and would like to meet someone who can help you build some muscle as well as keep a bit fit and well-toned, you could try fitness online dating and find a girl who enjoys some workouts who can motivate you into turning your body from skinny to well-toned. Plus, as per some online surveys 65% of online daters would rather date someone who exercises regularly.

Being a skinny dude doesn’t mean that now you neglect your health and fitness. If it’s a concern to you, how about combining fitness and dating? Hit the gym, get on a muscle-building diet and get enough sleep, especially if being skinny is something that is threatening your health. Clearly, there are lots of singles who are fitness-minded. So if you are looking to mingle with health and wellness in mind the search for fitness online dating options. Later in life, you will need that work out buddy to help you maintain that toned body and lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Parting shot

The thing is, you might meet a skinny guy you love when younger. Maybe he is skinny because of his health or stressful lifestyle. If you find that he has other good qualities that outshine his small frame, give him a chance. Trust me, genetic or not, he could add some meat or muscle on this body by simply going to the gym and eating foods that can add some muscle to his lean physique.

Dudes, if you like larger women, do not hesitate to make your move. You will be shocked at the number of women who won’t mind dating a skinny guy. Being skinny is nothing to be ashamed of. You need to let your girl see your uniqueness and let your personality shine.

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