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Mark Hoppus has some positive news to share with his fans, just weeks after revealing that he was battling stage 4 diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.

Large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) is a type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma that develops from the B cells in the lymphatic system.

The former Blink 182 singer and bassist said that he has received the “best possible news”, as the latest tests show that his chemotherapy is working…

“Scans indicate that the chemo is working!” the 49-year-old musician wrote on Twitter.

“I still have months of treatments ahead, but it’s the best possible news.”

He went on to say that although he still has a long way to go, he is “grateful” for the ongoing support from fans and loved ones…

“I’m grateful and confused and also sick from last week’s chemo. But the poison the doctors pump into me and the kind thoughts and wishes from of people around are destroying this cancer,” he added.

“Just gonna keep fighting…”

The musician went public with his diagnosis back in June, just a few months after he had received the diagnosis himself.

“For the past three months, I’ve been undergoing chemotherapy for cancer,” he wrote on Twitter at the time.

“I have cancer. It sucks and I’m scared, and at the same time I’m blessed with incredible doctors and family and friends to get me through this.

“I still have months of treatment ahead of me but I’m trying to remain hopeful and positive. Can’t wait to be cancer free and see you all at a concert in the near future. Love to you all.”

He also confirmed that his mother battled the very same form of cancer – and won her battle!

“Oddly enough, we have the exact form of cancer,” he said, in reference to his mother.

“And she beat it, so I’ve been able to talk to her and bond with her quite a bit.

“My mom has beaten cancer three times — twice for breast cancer and once for the same cancer that I have, which is diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.”

We’re pleased to hear that the chemotherapy is working, and hope that Mark Hoppus will soon share the good news that he is cancer-free…