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Jason Derulo has just revealed that he has split from Jena Frumes, just four months after they welcomed their son, Jason King, into the world.

The 32-year-old musician took to social media to tell his fans about the update in his personal life – something we wish more celebs would do, as it would certainly separate the truth from the rumors – while also asking for privacy on the matter.

“Jena and I have decided to part ways,” he wrote on Twitter.

“She is an amazing mother but we feel being apart at this time will allow us to be the best versions of ourselves and the best parents we could be.

“Pls respect our privacy in this time.”

Jason and the 28-year-old fitness model have been dating since March 2020, and often made very entertaining TikToks together during quarantine last year. They welcomed their son, Jason King, into the world on May 8 this year, which Jason Derulo said was the “happiest day” of his life.

“He’s so lucky to have such a strong caring hero of a mother @jenafrumes,” he added at the time.

We don’t know why they decided to go their separate ways, and we have to admit that we didn’t see this split coming, as Jena posted a very cute and heartfelt Twitter status in celebration of their joint birthdays (on September 21) just one day before Jason’s announcement…

“Blessed to share the same day of birth with my lover. You are the most handsome, hardworking, talented, silly, loving human ever,” Jena wrote on Wednesday September 22.

“You truly make me whole and I’m so grateful for the love we share. You and our mini make me the happiest girl in the world and I can’t wait to make more memories with you guys.

“I know I’m a tough cookie but you make me soft and accept me for who I am and I’m forever grateful for that. Cheers to another year! I love you so much, forever.”

She has since deleted the Twitter post, for obvious reasons, but at the time of writing, still has pictures with Jason up.

We wonder if the couple – or friends of the couple – will share more about why this seemingly perfect relationship ended so suddenly…