There are around five basic skin tones seen on women. From very fair to dark and in between, every woman has a different skin tone. Skin tone is basically the shade of one’s skin pigments. The five main skin tones are: fair, medium, warm, tan and dark. It is very important to firstly know your skin type and tone in order to be able to do a flawless makeup. It may sound like an obvious thing but a lot of women use wrong makeup products because they do not know their skin tone rightly. This is why they use wrong products for their skins which are not appropriate for their skin tone and end up in disastrous results.

Each skin tone has a unique and different makeup palette. From lip color to foundation to blushes, every skin tone has different way of sporting a particular makeup product. Let’s see below how each skin tone must be makeup-ed.

Fair Skin Tone:

For fair toned skin, go for a foundation shade a tone darker than your original skin tone. We recommend going for a creamy foundation that gives you a rosy complexion. Go for L’Oreal Paris True Match Roller in C3 Creamy Natural foundation.

For blush, go for a pretty baby pink blush. It will give your skin a nice and subtle blush. Apart from this, Peach and Plum shade blushes also look great on fair skin tones.

Medium Skin Tone:

It is tricky to determine whether your skin tone is medium or not. You might think it falls into fair or warm. However, if you are sure that you have a medium skin tone, our recommended foundation is Chanel Vitalumiere foundation in Naturel.

Apricot, Mauve, Soft Berry blushes look perfect on medium skin tones.

Warm Skin Tone:

If you have a lighter or slightly darker warm skin tone, go for DiorSkin Air Flash Spray Foundation in Medium Beige 300 or Makeup For Ever Face & Body Liquid Makeup in Honey Beige 34 and Camel 18 for darker warm. This will give the necessary glow to your skin without looking too cake-y and out of proportion.

For warm skin tone, use blushes that are rose colored and orangish.

Tan Skin Tone:

A nicely done tanned skin tone is very much like a darker warm skin tone. So our recommendation for this remains the same as the former. Go for Makeup For Ever Face & Body Liquid Makeup in Honey Beige 34 and Camel 18 foundation if you have a tan skin tone.

Pinkish red, peachy and brownish blushes are a perfect match for tan skin tones.

If you have a nice baked dark skin tone, go for Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H foundation in 530 Sude C. This foundation will give your beautiful tone a soft glow.

Bright tangerine, brick and raisin colored blushes look great on dark skin tones.

All skin tones are beautiful and deserve attention in order to be kept healthy and fresh. Know your skin type and tone and chose your makeup accordingly.