Would you date online at when you are at work? Apparently, much as your employer might not be ok with it, lots of singles have admitted to doing it. The numbers are at 7 out of date. Now that is super significant! This is according to a survey done on 3000 members of a dating site. And get this, 60% of them also admitted that it ain’t right.
This doesn’t even just end at online encounters. 1 in 4 singles says they have gone on offline first dates during their lunch hour. It begins to show just how much online dating has become a norm and is being utilized by many to get dates.

People usually exchange numbers once they make that connection with someone. 39% of the surveyed number not only text, they go as far as sexting while on the clock.

When I say it’s become the norm, people aren’t even hiding it. They talk about their potential online mates with their colleagues. It’s no longer something that goes unnoticed.

According to career experts, talking about details of your love life at work is generally inappropriate. Some feel that such info can later be used against an employee.

Carlota Zimmerman, a success strategist says: “While men are [often] rewarded for their sexual prowess, women are still punished for it,” she says — and that means that even a seemingly mundane story could wind up hurting your reputation.”

If you have to do it, then don’t air too much dirty laundry to your colleagues. Keeping it to the minimum is the general rule.

“Only share what you don’t mind everyone in the office knowing”
, advice Call to Career founder Cheryl Palmer. You are better off just keeping your private stuff within your circle of friends.

Well, much as they say “everyone is doing it”, if you have to do it at work, better not be caught. Luckily, with mobile sensitive dating websites and mobile apps, you might just get away with it.