It isn’t obvious from their usernames, but “Sweetpea46176” and “Paperrhino” may be a perfect match… Their real names are Christina and David, and the pairing came to pass when these singles met on our site, not long ago.

Christina was drawn to online dating by the desire to “try something different.” David just wanted to make friends. She says she was “somewhat” confident that it would be worth her while, and David tells us he was “very certain someone wanted what I had to offer.”

Amazingly, one week after Christina’s profile appeared on our site and two weeks after David’s did, their paths crossed. “He reached out with a Flirt, then a message after I Flirted back,” said the lady in question. “His smile” is what sparked Christina’s interest. And what drew David to Christina, originally? “Her profile kept popping up,” he laughs. So he impulsively reached out.

Before long Christina felt as though they were a good match for one another. “From the first text and talk on the phone, it was like he was made just for me,” she says, getting moony-eyed for a minute. Before long they met “for real” in a café in Bloomington, Indiana. “We sat in a café and talked for three hours before exploring the city,” remembers David.

Their in-person chemistry was immediate. Both claim to have thought, “Love at first sight,” during those initial moments together. David says he couldn’t believe Christina was really there. It surprised her “how much we talked” and he says that “how instantly we clicked” caught him off guard, too. They were “very sure” there would be another date. In fact, before parting that first night they had already planned their next meeting.

Christina tells us that it didn’t immediately come across in David’s profile “how sweet, loving, and caring he is.” She adds, “It always surprises me, every time we see each other!”

David has a confession to make. “I didn’t read her profile,” he admits. “I thought she was out of my league, and didn’t read it after [trading messages] because I knew she was the one.”

We asked the happy couple if they found “their type” in the other. “I never really had a type, but he is perfect,” says Christina. David chuckles, “She’s exactly my type, though I didn’t know she’d be so funny!”

As with any relationship, there were obstacles to overcome. Christina says that in their case, “having our divorces finalized” was a hurdle in their path. David adds, “and the distance stinks, but it’s so worth it!”

Since meeting David, Christina says she is “more confident,” and her “heart is full of joy.” He feels “more positive about everyday life,” adding “She gives me energy!”

“Give it a shot,” Christina tells singles. “You never know where your soulmate can be. The first step is the hardest; after that, things just fall into place.”

They sure did for David and Christina!