Is high self esteem necessary for successful relationships? Do partners who have great self esteem enjoy more satisfaction in their relationships as opposed to those that have lower self esteem? One thing that self esteem does is that it affects how we think about others, how we react to others and how we treat other people and the amount of love we can offer our romantic partners. They say, love your neighbor as you love yourself. The way I interpret this is that you need to love yourself first to be able to share that love with another individual.

Love is all colors shows why having high levels of self esteem can be great for your relationship. Read on…

How self worth can affect your relationship

More often than not, people with low self-esteem have been brought up in a dysfunctional family environment. These are families where the parents are probably abusive, controlling, absent or those that don’t give their children a voice. So the kids grow up having their personalities and needs squashed. Emotionally they grow up feeling abandoned and feeling like they are not good enough and insecure. They keep blaming themselves for other people’s mistakes. They grow up having trust issues and have no love for themselves. Feelings of worthlessness control their entire lives. Family is one of the major causes of high self esteem.

Below are some of the high self esteem benefits in relationships and why it’s important to look out for signs of high self esteem when looking for a partner.

High self image is important for intimate relationships to thrive

People who love and accept themselves are more confident with themselves. These are the people who have self respect and are certain about how they deserve to be treated in relationships. So in a relationship, they are assertive and know how to express themselves better in relationships.

It is important to have a partner with good self esteem because they communicate better when it comes to matters of intimacy. Also having a high self image usually makes the partner more confident where it comes to sexual matters. These are partners who can value themselves and are very expressive in the bedroom because they are comfortable in their body and skin.

So when it comes to discussing intimate issues, they will voice them without any fear of rejection. These are people who feel that they are deserving of love and they are not afraid of giving it or receiving it. A partner with high levels of self esteem will not push you away when they are receiving love because of their own insecurities. They will acknowledge how much love you are giving them and reciprocate accordingly.

They know how to respect boundaries

People with self esteem issues tend to have boundary issues in the relationships they get into. They tend to be controlling, they lack respect for their partners and they tend to be very invasive. Because of their own insecurities, and low self worth they find it hard to trust their partners. Such partners will go through your phone and social media accounts and ask question after question about your whereabouts whenever you are not with them. They don’t give the much-required space needed for healthy intimate relationships. One of the biggest disadvantages of low self esteem is that you will always find yourself having to explain yourself even when there is nothing you have done.

High levels of self esteem mean balanced attachment

People who have great self esteem levels know how to balance their attachment to their partners. Those that don’t on the other hand, tend to avoid getting too close or they become too clingy because of their own insecurities and the fact that they have a low self image. They tend to be scared of rejection which makes them not love their partners fully.

People with low self esteem normally mask their true feelings. They are never true to themselves. In fact, most people with low self worth tend to cheat on their partners just because they keep questioning their partner’s feelings. So the intimacy that the relationship deserves is compromised.

So the clingy partner will tend to find out your whereabouts every single moment even when they know you have gone to work. Now those that avoid closeness, on the other hand, avoid intimacy by engaging is sabotaging behavior like flirting with other people, ignoring their partner’s needs or not satisfying their partner’s needs, both emotional and physical. And the result of this normally is an end to a relationship.

Are there disadvantages of high self esteem? It all depends. Some people might appear to have high self esteem but in reality, they are trying to mask the self doubt within them. You need to be careful about this. A person with self respect has healthier esteem. Watch out for that.

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