The strain of a tough divorce can take a toll on both your mind and your body. Staying sharp and feeling physically healthy are ways to lessen the stress your marriage dissolution visits on your overall outlook on life. Here are some tips to keep you feeling in charge of your health and your physique during this difficult time.

Be Eating Aware

Let’s face it, when you are facing something as potentially devastating as a divorce you may not be approaching eating in the healthiest of ways. Some days you may binge to try to bring some enjoyment into your life while other times you may fail to eat, feeling depressed and inattentive to your own needs. Take a few steps back and stop eating or starving yourself as a reaction to the divorce. Take some time every week to plan out some meals. Make it a point to have healthy snacks available.

Avoid Other Overindulgence


When you are anxious, angry or sad you may make a choice to drink more than you should or experiment with other chemicals. Both of these decisions are counterproductive, making the situation you are embroiled in even more difficult. Plus, if you are in the middle of a custody battle you want to banish any thoughts that you are not capable of caring for your children appropriately. Instead of going overboard with alcoholic beverages drink plenty of water and limit your treats to coffee or tea.


A great stress buster is exercise, so join a gym or take the stairs rather than the elevator. Beware, however, of falling into a trap where you over exercise. You do not need to add sore muscles and potential injuries to your list of woes. One smart thing you can do is find an exercise buddy to keep you motivated and sane as you exercise.

Seek Out The Sun

Especially in the winter months, many people, even those who are not in the midst of a divorce, feel a little down because of limited sunlight. You might want to boost your mood by getting full spectrum lights or simply get outside for a period of time every day and let the sun do its magic. A brisk walk around a lake or through a park relieves stress and gets you out of your daily routine.

See Your Doctor

Many adults skip the yearly exams so use this reminder to get all your systems checked out. This would also be a good time to see the dentist or the eye doctor to make sure you take care of these essentials rather than wallowing in self-pity over the myriad issues involved in the divorce.

Keep It Active With Your Kids


Make the most of your parenting time by choosing activities that are healthy for both you and your kids. Start them out on a life of healthy living by biking, swimming or just playing a little pickup ball together. Take healthy living to another level by planning and cooking together rather than wasting money on fast food during your time together.