There are lots of winter 2020 fashion trends that are outrageously stunning. Plus there are lots of trends that are very wearable. From the voluminous dresses… there is a lot that really stands out. See, this has been one strange year. So you are allowed to feel a little happy and think about fashion even if it’s for just a minute. A lot has been happening. Some fashion houses that we loved looking up to closed out the season in early March. During that time the fear was that coronavirus would make buyers and other influencers step off.

So what will fashion be like this winter? Read as we take a look at what might be in the stores for us…

What clothes to wear in winter 2020

No one had predicted how the world was going to change let alone a worldwide shutdown. The thing is, most tourists stopped traveling. These are the same people that used to travel worldwide to shop. When coronavirus hit us, all that changed with lots of international bans.  The ‘weakness’ of the fashion industry was literally exposed. Even the 2021 wedding trends are expected to change because weddings have now become smaller because people are expected to be social distancing.

We are now longing to see what will be new. Designers must be going through lots of pressure this year. But one thing we have not forgotten is how fashion can be inspiring. Initially, I am sure lots of people were excited about not having to wake up and dress up for work every morning. But after a while, that narrative got boring. People started wearing makeup for their zoom meetings working from home. Fashion is one of the things that at least kept most of us going.

We are now seeing lots of “lockdown looks” uploaded on various social media pages. The lockdown has really inspired a lot of people. Just wearing beautiful clothing can be very uplifting. Much as fashion houses had to scale down their production, we are still seeing lots of creativity on shows just before the lockdowns. So if you are wondering what clothes to wear in winter 2020 then you will love this article that we have prepared for you.

One thing we know about winter fashion is that we will be dressing up to go nowhere. Gold was very prevalent in runways. Well, let’s dive in and check out winter 2020 fashion trends.

Ballooning dresses

It doesn’t matter what the designer is. What we are seeing in winter clothes 2020 is that the sleeves are now really balloony and pumped with lots of ruffles and gathers. So if you want to make a statement this winter, the bigger and pumped up the sleeves are, the better.

The golden pieces

Gold is not just a piece of jewelry anymore. Gold has taken over the runway and in homes as the pandemic goes on, We started seeing the gold pieces on runways in February with models wearing glistening gowns. So if you want to gift someone during this holiday season or just getting something for yourself, then know that there is a gold rush and that is a color that will not disappoint you this winter. Just imagine yourself at a zoom dinner in that golden hue – pure beauty. This winter fashion 2020, all that will be glittering is definitely gold.


The influencers are really selling the wear it on ease cardigans as well as the librarian kind of cardigan. It made ways in very many catwalks. Being winter, if you are wondering what to wear this winter or winter 2020 fashion trends then this is your go-to look this winter season.  This looked can be pulled off with just about anything. From denim to trouser suits, pencil skirts – literally just everything! The shrug-it-on ease cardigan look is now sexy!


All checks are a go for winter clothes 2020. From Prince of Wales checks, ginghams, houndstooth to tartans. Guess how it is being worn this time around? Clashed! You need to have a flair for clashing. Mix things up with some leather accessories, tights, headscarves… With this look, it’s all about clashing and accessorizing. With this look, I don’t think anything is wrong!

The swishy look

The fringy look has made a comeback. Fringy dresses and skirts. All these are being paired with blazers. It’s all about that feminine look. It is taking over the autumn fashion and also spilling over to the winter 2020 fashion trends. So the business like blazers on the fringe dresses are making the feminine but strong statement in the winter fashion 2020. A lot of designers loved this look that’s for sure.

The ‘Matrix’ look

Remember Keanu Reeve’s and his Matrix movie character. Well, whenever you think of that movie, those XXL coats always come to mind. Well those XXL trench coats and capes will be the perfect look for you this winter season. This time around, we are seeing the buttery soft leather. Those oversized babies will polish your denim and sweater combo the minute you put them on.  So that red sweater you are planning to wear this Christmas will be perfectly fine. So don’t be afraid to try out this look. Otherwise, the fashion trend will leave the station before you board.

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