Now that summer is over, are you wondering what winter holiday destinations to consider during this holiday season? Well, to be honest, I will tell you that summers are usually the best time to vacation for me. That said though it never hurts to know that even during winter, being the holidays and all, you still get the chance to snuggle next to the love of your life under some blanket in front of the fire. Plus I love the silly little games that one can play in the snow.

Got no plans? Well, scroll on and check out some ideas that we got for you…

Where to travel to this Christmas

I like the thought of traveling in winter because I get to feel like a child when we get into snowball fights. So if you are in the US and want to at least travel, then we have a few spots that we can recommend for you today… especially if you are planning to travel within the US.

With winter, it’s never about the kind of traveler you are. Trust me, here on Love is All Colors, we can tell you about just any winter trip that will suit your taste that’s for sure. And guess what, next year you will be sharing those beautiful photos with your friends on social media. So let’s show a few of those snowy spots if you are wondering about holidaying during corona. Because much as it is a bit of a rough year for us, you can still get a place that you can travel to because at least most countries have opened up their airports to tourists.

So f you are not such a winter travel person, I think this Love is All Colors article will give you some ideas of places to try out this miserable year that will lift up your spirits for sure!


If you are looking for a warm place to visit in December in the USA, then Hawaii is it for you. It is the prime whale watching season with the island of Maui as the perfect spot. Plus during this covid winter holidays, Hawaii provides the best surfing spot this time of year.

The break in the North Shore of Oahu is legendary and at its peak in December and January. Much as holidaying during corona is a bit expensive in December, the cost drops dramatically in February and March.

During winter, Kauai is dry, making it one of the perfect winter holiday destinations for two for exploration. There are so many islands to explore. So if you are looking for winter destinations for the family, especially if you are afraid of the cold, then take advantage of the multi-island vacations that are offered by Hawaiian Airlines. Opt for the island hopping package. Aloha and Mahalo.


The other covid winter holiday destination to consider is Belize. Much as the place has mountainous environs this country boasts of its superb travel destinations that most people underrate. Well, the place is now becoming more popular with visitors.

So if you are wondering where to go in 2020 for Christmas, where the weather is a bit warm, then Belize is the place to be as it has a tropical ambiance, beautiful jungles, and delicious cocktails. Soon, Belize seems to be a place that will one day be infamous for being the go-to Caribbean destination for cool people.

One thing we can hail Belize is that it is the perfect place for nature lovers and diving enthusiasts.  And the best time to enjoy all this is to travel during winter. You will get to enjoy the John Canoe Festival which features traditional Creole and Garifuna dancing competitions as well as the San Pedro Holiday Boat Parade in the month of December making this country irresistible to visit this time of year. So you will get to feast your eyes on the colorfully-lit boats parade along the shoreline and dance at the same time.

Whitefish, Montana

For those who love winter sports, and are looking for winter holiday destinations, then Whitefish, Montana is the place you should be heading to this time of year. The first thing that comes to mind is skiing on a huge mountain.

There is a lot of knee-deep powder which makes the top part of the mountain warmer than the valley. If you feel skiing is not for you, or you prefer more competitive sports, you can always feast your eyes on the World “Skijoring” Championship held every January or even participate in it. This is where the braver skiers go where they get towed through an obstacle path by a horse.

If that is a bit scary for you, then go snowshoeing in nearby Glacier National Park. Here you will find Nordic ski trails all over the golf course in town.

Now you cannot say you visited Whitefish unless you eat their scrumptious burger at The Bulldog Saloon.

Boston, Massachusetts

One of the things that makes Boston, Massachusetts perfect is that this city is rich in history and has beautiful neighborhoods and good cuisine. Now when you move beyond the city, you will find lots of great winter holiday destinations for two with lots of romantic activities for couples to engage in.

The things to really watch for are the Boston Common, the Freedom Trail, Fenway Park, and Newbury Street. Speaking of things to watch out for, if you didn’t know, Boston is home to the world-renowned Ivy League Harvard University. So make a point of visiting Harvard Square which is very vibrant in the afternoons.

Usually, winter checks in Boston are covered in a blanket of snow. It is usually beautiful, and you will find tonnes of things to do.

New Orleans, Louisiana

If you are still wondering where to travel this Christmas New Orleans is perfect because of its hearty food. Plus, in this place, the weather is not too chilly at this time. Don’t get me started on the cozy jazz clubs, and their southern charm.

There are lots of popular attraction spots to visit. Plus if you have a crazy side in you, you can explore the cemeteries there. Apparently, it’s lots of fun. The good thing is the winter here isn’t too freezy so you can get to take walks and explore with your family as you might not always need a coat.

The food here is what makes visitors adore the place. From jambalaya to fried chicken, gumbo to muffulettas… Oh! Trust me it’s all finger-licking good. So better be prepared to enjoy their food whenever you are there.

Final words on where to go in 2020 for Christmas

The thing is, during the cold seasons, people usually don’t have the perfect places to go where you don’t have to be tucked under a heavy blanket in front of the TV or fireplace. But I hope that I have shown you that you can also enjoy a great break from the gateways that I have suggested and get lots of excitement, and satisfaction.

Much as other countries will hail their own for having the best holiday spots, one thing we know for sure is that the US has some of the best winter destinations for the family as well as couples.

Did you love some of these ideas? Well, check out some of the other winter holiday ideas from other countries to consider this year.