There is something about anal play that fascinates both men and women. It’s certainly one of the most popular types of porn. And even though it’s commonly associated with men who fuck men, it’s extremely common in heterosexual and lesbian relationships, as well. As the recipient of anal penetration, men have been blessed with a kind of g-spot of their very own, known as the prostate. Women, on the other hand, do not have that particular advantage and get pleasure out of anal play in other ways.

Being penetrated is an intimate and vulnerable sensation, especially in the butt. Of course, anal play isn’t all about penetration. Rimming, which involves licking, sucking, kissing and even penetrating the anus with the tongue is considered taboo by some but very few people on the receiving end complain much when it’s done right. Sometimes a licking is preferable to anal penetration.

Considering anal play?

If you are ready to explore your nether regions a little bit more and are looking for some bum fun, then there are a few things that will help to ensure that your first time trying it, won’t end up being your last. You might think it goes without saying, but cleanliness is critical. While there are some folks who find a little bit of the nasty and dirty turns them on, your average butt explorer would prefer not to be reminded about the other functions this particular orifice serves.

Cleanliness is key

So, make sure you’re clean and tidy down there. Keeping the region hair free will also help with this, as the hair can hold on to things you’d probably not like to think about for too long. You’ll also want to give some attention to the interior as well as the exterior. Some people opt for an enema when they know that a bit of fun down under is on the cards and that’s not the worst idea either. Being empty and also gas free is an added courtesy to your partner.

So, how do you know if it’s clean enough?

Would you eat your dinner off it? If not, it’s not clean enough.

Lube lube and some more lube!

lubeAfter cleanliness, the most important thing you must have in preparation for  is lube. Not just a little bit of lube, but tons and tons of it. There are all different types of lube designed just for anal penetration, some are flavored and some even have a mild anesthetic effect to ease things a little bit. There is no such thing as too much lube when you are going to penetrate the butt, so you might want to think about having plenty of towels and even some extra sheets because things may get a little bit slippery and messy. No…wait. If you are enjoying yourself, things will definitely get a little bit slippery and messy.

Anal Sex  Toys

Ok. You have your spotlessly clean, hairless, puckered and pretty butt hole. You have your lube. And you have your condoms. I hope I don’t need to tell you about condoms, but just in case, I’m telling you now and if you’re going to be doing any penetration with fingers or hands, you’ll also want a supply of latex gloves. Toys designed for anal play are great fun and, when used correctly, can help to make penal penetration and other types of penetration much more pleasant. Think about adding some small vibrators and an inflatable anal plug to your kit. Trust me, someone’s butt will love you for it.

Take time and be gentle

Take your time if you want to have the most fun possible. Touching, licking, stroking and teasing should all be part of anal play. It’s the sort of erogenous zone that when stimulated correctly, will result in extremely hard penises and wet vaginas. However, it’s also a part of the body that likes to take its time and be coaxed. Any sort of penetration needs to be done very slowly and in stages. Oh, did I mention tons of lube? Do keep in mind that hurting someone’s anus is not only a huge buzz kill and might turn them off anal play forever, but it can also cause some long lasting damage, so treat that tight little hole with tenderness. That doesn’t mean that once everyone is relaxed, that it can’t take some serious pounding. But you’ll need to build up to that slowly and sensuously.

The person who is on the receiving end of any penetration should be the one who sets the pace. They’ll know when they are ready and what they can handle. It shouldn’t hurt. That’s a key. Any pain means ‘slow down’ or ‘stop’. Even if you do like it a little rough, the butt is a beautiful thing and you want to continue to enjoy it for all the fun it offers. Just remember, butts are great for love making, but not so great to screw up. Oh, and lube. Lots and lots of lube.