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We can’t say we’re surprised by the news that Ashley Judd is officially suing Harvey Weinstein.

Ashley Judd was one of the first actresses to speak out against the disgraced producer last October and is now taking him to court for allegedly damaging her career.

The actress has accused the producer of getting in the way of her landing a big role in Lord of the Rings, simply because she allegedly refused his sexual advances the year before.

According to The Guardian, the lawsuit claims that Harvey Weinstein “was retaliating against Ms. Judd for rejecting his sexual demands approximately one year earlier when he cornered her in a hotel room under the guise of discussing business”.

Naturally, as with all of the allegations that have been made against him, Harvey Weinstein has denied negatively affecting Ashley Judd’s career…

According to his spokesperson, HW “neither defamed Ms. Judd nor ever interfered with Ms. Judd’s career”.

The statement also mentioned that Harvey Weinstein actually helped Ashley Judd’s career, not hinder it, by securing her the roles in Frida in 2002 and Crossing Over in 2009.

We’d be very interested to see how this plays out in the courtroom.