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Looks like Yara Shahidi is following in the footsteps of her Black-ish and Grown-ish character Zoey Johnson, as she is heading off to college.

And not just any college – Harvard of all places! (She even got a letter of recommendation from none other than Michelle Obama… just throwing that out there!)

We were a tad worried about how her college life would affect her appearance on two of our favorite TV shows, but she assured her fans that nothing is going to change.

She is a woman after all, and multi-tasking is second nature, is it not?

“I want to have as much of a college experience as possible,” she told The Hollywood Reporter as part of her cover interview.

“That’s why I decided to apply in the first place.”

She has revealed that she plans to juggle both college and acting – something she openly discussed in her college application essay, which was about “this idea that people perpetuate that you have to choose between education and entertainment.”

Here, here! Apparently, Yara Shahidi will be able to submit her coursework online if her filming schedule keeps her a bit too busy, so it looks like she is getting the best of both worlds.

And it’s a good thing too, as she told THR that education has always been very important to her…

“I’m that annoying person in class where if we were reading a book, I’d not only read that book, I’d read one similar, written in the same era, to find the commonalities,” she added.

“So, if we were reading about the French Revolution in AP Euro, I’d be like, ‘OK, let me read Candide and Voltaire’s [other works].'”

Brains as well as beauty and talent – this girl seems to have it all!

Head over to The Hollywood Reporter to read the full feature, where Yara also discusses her activism – including her extremely powerful Eighteen x 18 initiative.