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Mel B’s highly anticipated memoir has finally been released – and we’re not sure we’re prepared for some of the shocking revelations inside it.

The Spice Girl really opened up in her quite aptly titled memoir, Brutally Honest, about everything from drug abuse, walking away from ex-husband Stephen Belafonte and even the time she attempted suicide at 39 years old…

Mel addresses her attempted suicide right at the beginning of the book, telling readers that the troubles with her husband and family led her to try and overdose on aspirin back in December 2014.

“As each pill goes into my mouth, I ask myself, ‘Are you sure?’ And I take another one. Ten, twenty, fifty. A hundred. ‘Are you sure?’” she wrote.

“My life was a sham. Behind the glitter of fame, I felt emotionally battered, estranged from my family. I felt ugly and detested by the very man who once promised to love and protect me, my husband and manager, Stephen.

“A man who after ten years of marriage now had a library of sex tapes that could — as we both well knew — ruin my career and destroy my family.”

She then said that, despite attempting suicide, she knew deep down that she could “never, ever leave” her daughters.

“Looking back now, four years later, I know that overdose was a massive cry for help. A primal scream from a broken woman.”

Throughout the memoir, Mel B pinpoints ex-husband Stephen Belafonte as the root of many of her problems, and went into detail about the joy she felt the day she finally left him…

“When I left Stephen, I walked away with nothing but $936 in a bank account (the only one I had access to) and suitcases full of clothes, books and toys,” she wrote.

“I didn’t care. I was happy. My kids were happy. I put on my music full blast (sorry to my neighbours) and danced around my house, which was decorated in a very over-the-top Versace style — not my style at all.

“But I was free. Finally, after ten years, I was free.”

It’s no secret that the woman we all know as Scary Spice turned to cocaine to help her deal with her problems. But she wants readers to know that she isn’t proud of her drug addiction, which was at an all-time high when she was appearing on The X Factor. 

“I was so low that weeks into filming ‘The X Factor’ I’d started using cocaine to get me through the run of the show, to get me through living with Stephen, which felt like neurotic claustrophobia, and — for deeper, darker reasons — to get me through the emotional gridlock of being so geographically close to my family in Leeds and my Spice ‘sisters’ in London,” she confessed.

“On so many levels I felt myself sinking. I’m not proud of taking cocaine, but I can’t pretend it didn’t help me to have a line of that white powder when I got up in the morning.”

We had no idea; did you? Well, she had earlier denied the rumors of alcoholism and sex addiction.

We’re confident that the rest of the book is full of even more juicy revelations.

Brutally Honest is out now!