Now married, Janelle and Demetrius took the time to tell us about their courtship. They signed up on our site because they were “looking for love” but neither were particularly confident that their online journey would take them to the altar someday.

Just a few days into their memberships, they noticed each other’s profiles. The verdict? “Extremely compatible,” they say. Demetrius sent Janelle a Flirt and followed up with an email. After some correspondence and conversation, she felt ready to meet in person. “He seemed like a really nice guy,” Janelle tells us. “We had so much in common!” She also thought his inherent honesty shone through, right from the beginning.

So, after a month of talking on the phone for two or three hours every night, they got together. “He came to my town and took me out for dinner,” Janelle recalls. It was more than an hour’s drive, but Demetrius didn’t mind. “She is even more beautiful in person,” he declares. She was struck by the fact that he had braces, and liked it. “He cares about his teeth!” Janelle laughs.

Dental hygiene is important, but they also had something more relevant to a relationship. “The great chemistry continued,” Janelle says. Demetrius agrees, noting that their compatibility was obvious and there were no unhappy surprises. “She was the person she posted in her profile.” He adds that physically Janelle was just what he wanted: fit. “I usually looked for figure competitors,” Demetrius says of his type. Janelle felt the same way about him.

Given the love-fest that Date No. 1 was, the decision to go out again was a no-brainer. “Living in separate cities” is the only obstacle they remember facing, but that didn’t stop them from seeing lots of each other from that moment on. Then, one day, Demetrius popped the question “on a carriage ride downtown” and the rest is history.

“I know that it is real,” Janelle says of their bond. Her husband nods. “I’ve found my lifelong partner,” Demetrius says.

Here are their words of wisdom for singles on our site. “Be real in your profiles,” Janelle urges users. “Don’t be rude to people. And guys, it’s not all about sex!”

“Reply to all inquiries, just as a courtesy,” contributes Demetrius. “Post current pics with at least one full body shot, head to toe. No surprises, folks.”

These days, the surprises tend to be happy for Janelle and Demetrius.