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Wow, talk about a Hollywood baby boom – so many A-list babies are going to be arriving in 2021!

Hilary Duff has confirmed that she is pregnant with her third child, and will be expecting her little bundle of joy sometime next year!

The 33-year-old Younger actress is already a proud mom to 8-year-old son Luca, who she shares with her first husband Mike Comrie, and 2-year-old daughter Banks, who she shares with her current husband Matthew Koma.

Both Hilary and Matthew took to their own social media accounts to announce the news…

“We are growing!!! Mostly me …,” Hilary wrote on Instagram, alongside an adorable short video of Matthew stroking her baby bump.

“lol quarantine was fun. Baby #3 – 2021,” Matthew Koma wrote on his own account.

Hilary isn’t the only A-lister to have conceived during the quarantine. Kelly Rowland even joked that there was nothing else to do, so making another life seemed like the best way to pass the time.

Having said that, Hilary Duff has made no secret of the fact that parenting two children during a pandemic is challenging to say the least…

“It’s exhausting. It’s so exhausting. You know, I have my days where I’m like, ‘Oh, I moved mountains and I deserve a medal.’ And then there are other days where I’m like, ‘How can I complain?’ We’re all healthy and we have a backyard and we have a pool,” she said in an interview with Cosmopolitan back in August.

“Honestly, most days are good,” she continued.

“I’ve had like three really hard days where I feel really low and I feel so burnt and so tired of my kids, you know? Kids are annoying, I’m not going to lie.

“When I get in bed every single night and we’re like, ‘Oh my god, do we hate our kids or what?’ And then we wake up and the next day’s a new day and we’re like, ‘We‘re so freaking grateful for our kids.’

“They’re funny and they make us laugh and they also frustrate the hell out of us.”

And that was just with two kids…

Good luck Hilary – and of course, congratulations!