Wondering how to get space from your partner during the lockdown? I am sure it didn’t take you too long to realize that he chews too loud. Or that she uses so much toilet paper? You might be shocked that nothing has changed. It’s just that now you have to self-isolate together, you are in each other’s space too much that even when the other person drops a pin, it seems like a deafening sound.

Has the presence of our loved ones become too overwhelming while isolating together? You are seriously going to love these tips on how you can carve some space personal space for yourself. Read on…

Best ways to get a break from your partner

You are not alone. You are just among the couples that have to isolate together. Maybe your spouse is even making a great effort to tone down some of those habits that have been getting on your nerves lately. Having been forced to spend time with the same human being in the same surroundings has really been trying and frustrating for most couples. They have to figure out how to do all things within the same space and still stay sane. This is not only driving them insane. It’s also driving most to breakups.

We are sharing this article with you because we are pro-love and we don’t want you to get to the point of breaking up. We just want to show you how getting space from your partner can be very beneficial to your relationship, especially if you are a couple who isn’t used to being crumpled up together.

“I need some space”. “I need some more air”. It looks like some couples are beginning to think that they have mild claustrophobia. Lol.

Well here is how to get space from your partner

Create personal spaces by designating areas in your house

Sometimes, asking for space from boyfriend is as simple as designating certain spaces as your own especially if you start feeling some suffocation. Even if you are living in a one-bedroomed apartment, you can still create space. For instance, one person can work from the bedroom and the other one, the living room. Even if this happens for a few hours during the day it will help each one of you get some space.

Whoever said ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ was right. This time of corona, it has been proven so as men have been searching on how to get space from girlfriend, and women doing the same in the case of their men. So that small space will make you miss the other person, creating an opportunity for some romantic reconnection once work is done.

So, go ahead and designate spaces for work, for chilling out together to interact, and for privacy.

Have separate workspaces

This is just a continuation of the point above – only from a different point of view. There are very few people who cannot coexist with their partners as their co-workers.  Invasion of someone’s space, especially if work is what gives you the well-deserved break from your spouse can really produce stress. Asking for space from boyfriend or girlfriend at this point is better than letting the stress take a toll on your relationship. Each of you should set up separate workspaces so that you define and learn to respect each other’s private workspace.

Using texts to communicate like you would at work

 It might seem like overdependence on gadgets but trust me, this is one of the best ways to get a break from your partner. Plus, it shows how much you really respect each other’s private workspace. When one is looking for personal space, the sensory overload that comes with talking in person can be overwhelming… increasing the possibility of a confrontation ensuing. This why we believe texting is a great way of getting space from your partner. With texts, you can enjoy your persona; space, and still pass across important messages that need to be shared.

Exercise alone

If there is one thing that people have benefitted from is home workouts while in isolation. Through exercise people show self-care, getting one to the zone where the body and mind connect. So if you are still wondering how to get space from your partner, create your own exercise time and wind out. So get that well-deserved workout… just do it alone. This solo workout sessions will give you about an hour of quiet, self-reflection.

Ask for space in a good way

The best way to go about how to get space from girlfriend or boyfriend is not to tell someone “I need space’. Instead, be specific about what you want to do. For instance, “Can I have an hour to read some book?” If there are things you enjoy doing alone, ask to do them alone, and don’t feel guilty about it. Trust me, those alone times are the ones that will keep you sane as you get cramped up together.

Designate time to have fun together.

Even as you are looking for ways on how to get space from your partner, always remember to carve some time for a date night or some fun together. Laughter is the best medicine. During this time, do things that you love doing together in order to learn to appreciate your partner.

Just like your finding space and some private space for yourself is important, as you self-isolate together, it’s important to allocate time to also bond as a couple too. Make sure you schedule those date nights. Order in, put on those great outfits, and have some fun with your significant other like you would if you had gone out.

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