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Is Jennifer Lopez already bouncing back from her break-up with Alex Rodriguez?

If we are to believe the rumors, Jennifer Lopez could very well be moving on from the 45-year-old baseball player by dating her old flame, Ben Affleck, who she dated between 2002 and 2004.

Talk about a blast from the past!

The former lovers have been spotted hanging out together on numerous occasions, and even attended the Global Citizen’s Vax Live concert together on Sunday.

Rumor has it that Ben Affleck was supporting J-Lo – who was performing two songs at the concert – from the sidelines.

Although there were no public displays of affection spotted, or anything else to indicate that they are more than friends, many sources have insisted that the pair still have a lot of “love” for each other…

“They have spent time together in L.A. over the past week,” a source told People.

“They have a lot of love for each other. They have always admired each other.”

According to insiders, the 51-year-old singer and actress and the 48-year-old actor – who were once named ‘Bennifer’ when they were dating – haven’t only just reconnected, as they have reportedly been in each other’s lives for many years…

“They are friends,” another source told People.

“They have always been friends and they have seen each other through the years.”

Maybe the couple formerly known as Bennifer are only just friends for now… but wouldn’t it be pretty cool if they dated again after all these years?

Watch this space!