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Kim Kardashian might be kicking herself for signing those divorce papers before finding out that her soon-to-be-ex-husband is worth over $6 billion…

According to reports, Kanye West is now worth $6.6 billion, which apparently makes him the richest Black person in US history! For comparison, Oprah is worth ‘just’ over $3 billion. We can’t even get our heads around these figures!

So how did the 43-year-old rapper turned fashion designer turned political candidate acquire such an eye-watering, gargantuan fortune?

According to reports, almost half of it is from his Yeezy sneaker and apparel business, which is now in partnership with Adidas AG and Gap Inc, and is reportedly worth between $3.2 billion and $4.7 billion by UBS Group AG.

His upcoming collection with Gap is slated to launch in the summer, which according to Bloomberg, “could be worth as much as $970 million”.

We had an inkling that the Runaway rapper was worth a few billion dollars back in April last year, as Forbes estimated his net worth to be around $3.2 billion. Yet somehow, in just under one year, and during a global pandemic where people are losing their jobs all around the world no less, he seems to have doubled that figure!

Perhaps the fact that everyone was looking for comfortable shoes to wear for their daily walks – i.e. one of the only activities that were actually allowed during the pandemic – had something to do with it…

“Kanye’s sneaker/apparel partnership with Adidas is worth between $3.2 billion and $4.7 billion,” reads an article from Celebrity Net Worth.

“Kanye owns 100% of the Yeezy brand, so those valuations go straight to his bottom line. Furthermore, according to UBS, his partnership with The Gap is worth $1 billion.”

Woah! And if that wasn’t enough, he also reportedly has $122 million in cash and stock, $110 million from his music, and another $1.7 billion in other assets.

One of the aforementioned assets is Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS business – but we’re currently not sure what will happen to his shares in the business, or what she will get once the divorce is finalized.

And speaking of Kim Kardashian, if we are to believe the reports, the 40-year-old former reality TV star is worth just (we can’t believe we are writing the word ‘just’ when it comes to these figures!) $900 million.

We think we need to lie down now…