Black female actors are not being left behind when it comes to making their mark in Hollywood. Today these women are competing in very strong leads as opposed to those of the earlier errors where they were being portrayed to be submissive and oppressed. There are so many movies where we have seen black female historical figures as well as black women who can kick ass.

Well today, Love is all colors wants to concentrate on strong black female characters in film and the kicking ass bit.  Have a read…

Action movies with female leads that are worth your time

Black Panther:

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black female actors

These days we can’t talk about black woman movies 2018 without the mention of Black Panther. Yes, the movie may have had male leads but trust me, this film brought out the best and the fighting strength of black female actors like Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Florence Kasumba, Angela Bassett and Letitia Wright. These women were the warriors who fought tooth and nail to defend their kingdom, Wakanda.

Well, if there was a movie that people really looked forward to watching, it was this one. And the fans and black people were not disappointed. They had the best of the best black actors. This Marvel Studios film is a must watch.

Set It Off:

This 90’s movie took the world by storm. Released in 1996, Set It Off starred some of the best black female actors too – Vivica A. Fox, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett, and Kimberly Elise. Having been fired from a well-paying bank job, Frankie (played by Fox) finds herself working as a janitor. These four women decide to start robbing banks in order to make a decent living.

Now as in all action movies, they are successful at first. Unfortunately, they catch the attention of some detective. One thing that also spices up this film is that it’s one of the movies about black female singers. So if you are looking for what to do when bored at night, you will love the hip hop soundtracks as you find yourself on the edge of your seat.

Die Another Day:

Yes. We all know this film just too well. It was starring one of the action movies with female leads who are too hot to let you remove your eyes off the screen. And this is none other than the hot model, Halley Berry, starring alongside the then Bond, Pierce Brosnan. Berry played the “Bond Girl” Giacinta “Jinx” Johnson in this 20o2 Bond film. What better opportunity can any black woman ask for that to star in one of the most infamous films?

Breaking In:

I am so used to seeing Gabrielle Union in black girl movies comedy. But seeing her in such an action-packed movie was quite impressive. On Breaking In, this action-packed thriller shows a mother who would go to whatever lengths to save the lives of her children.

After the father is murdered, Shaun decides to go on a weekend getaway to her father’s fancy and high-tech home. As they try to settle in, they get some unexpected visitors… four gangsters who had come to look for some money which Shaun (Union) had no clue existed.

Shaun manages to escape and now has to get back into the house and figure out a way to save her children. You have to watch this one on your own in order to appreciate how well she executed her role.

Proud Mary:

Taraji P. Henson! If there is a strong black woman in films and TV shows, she needs to take the crown. We had admired her “loudness” and her fierceness on the infamous TV show Empire season after season. On Proud Mary, Henson plays Mary. This time, she is a hit woman for an organized crime family. Now, with organized crimes, sometimes a hit is bound to go bad sometimes.  Well, watch this one and find out how she gets herself out of this mess that turns her life around completely…

Cat Woman & X-Men

Other action-packed films by Halle Berry are Cat Woman and X-Men.

On these Cat Woman, she plays a Superhero with supernatural powers. Reborn with these powers, she has to disguise herself as a vigilante, fights crime as she tries to solve a mysterious death. And as always, there is a romantic involvement with a normal person that the Superhero has to hide their identity from.

In X-Men, Halle Berry finds herself being within a batch of people who were born with a unique genetic mutation that manifests itself at teen-hood where they realize that they have extraordinary powers. The problem is that this batch of mutants is treated as outcasts by the prejudicial world that is scared of anyone who is different. A dude called Magneto believers the two shouldn’t coexist. They have to fight to protect themselves. Its a battle between mutants and humans.

We definitely need more black female actors. Read more about black female historical figures like Mae Jemison who keep taking the world by storm…