“Opposites attract”, we often hear. For example, a “free spirit” and a stodgy person make a good match, it’s theorized, because the free spirit can help loosen up the Stodgemeister and the stodgy person can help ground Lil’ Twinklestar, right? Well, it’s true that being with someone who is too much like you can magnify the bad traits, and that picking a different type of person as your partner can shore up your weak spots.Sometimes we are just flat-out attracted to people who aren’t like us. But as far as taste goes, liking different things can sometimes be a sticking point. If you or your partner feels like listening to the other’s music is like hearing nails screeching down a chalkboard, it can turn into a large bone of contention. So what to do if your and your partner’s tastes in music are wildly different?


Here are some helpful tips to try:

Expand Your Horizons

It’s entirely possible that you might like your partner’s style of music if you give it a chance. Most people simply like the type of music they grew up with. Simply because they associate a lot of memories and milestones with it. If your parents or other relatives liked a particular kind of music and played it, you’re probably “into it” because it reminds you of those loved ones, and similarly, you might have had some good times with friends to associate with the tunes, as well.

But if you keep an open mind, you might end up developing an appreciation for your partner’s music for the very same reasons. It will also no doubt enrich your life for its own sake, because opening yourself up to different cultural experiences can help you relate to and understand other people better, as well. Besides, there are so many good kinds of music out there, it seems a shame to limit yourself to just one. Don’t be stuck in a rut!

Find Common Ground


Your musical styles might seem to be opposites. But I guarantee there will be some sort of crossover, if you look. Country and pop is an easy one (Shania Twain, Taylor Swift, Faith Hill), but there is also country and hip hop (Nelly & Tim McGraw, Bubba Sparxx, Big Smo), country and rock (Kid Rock, Garth Brooks), rap and hard rock (RUN-DMC, Linkin Park, Rage Against the Machine), hard rock and dance (Orgy, She Wants Revenge), heavy metal and hip hop, classical and techno, and loads of other remakes and mashups. How about country and industrial? Check out Johnny Cash’s heart-rending remake of Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt”. It won a Grammy!

Respect Your Differences

If all else fails, don’t force it. If you have made a decent effort but your musical styles are still oil and water, let them be. You aren’t the same person, so you don’t have to like the exact same things. As long as it doesn’t actually create a problem, to each his or her own. You may not go to any concerts together, but you can still enjoy plenty of other non-musical things. Instead of fighting over the radio, listen to audio books together on road trips. And when it comes to your tunes, enjoy what you like without torturing your partner. That’s why headphones were invented, after all!