The deal with mercurial, chatty Gemini is communication, communication, and more communication. The Twins is the moniker of this May into June sign, and you may find that he does talk enough for at least two guys. The key to a fabulous sexual relationship with your Gemini man is to realize he is always changing, reevaluating, moving ahead, thinking about the next step. He craves variety, and if you want to keep him in your bed — or any of a dozen other places where he thinks it would be great to get it on — you have to provide the variety, all by yourself.

Sex Positions:

Bottom line here — your Gemini’s favorite sex position is the next one. He is always up for something new and is unafraid to tell you what he likes. His fingers and his mouth — remember all that talking? — are erogenous zones of preference. Double this up for the Twins by licking sucking his fingers during sex play. Oral sex is a turn-on either way, and you will love how he starts and stops going down on you, asking all the time what you want and if his technique needs a tweak. Yow!


Good news:

He has so many sexual fantasies floating around that you will have a lot of ideas to change it up in the future. Take a few mental notes during the heat of the moment, and write them down later, allowing you to “surprise” him with one of those intriguing tableaus he laid out when next you meet. He also really wants to know your thoughts and is willing and able to enter into your fantasies as well. Let it all hang out!

Bad new:

He endlessly talks and changes his mind. It may be that the discussion endures longer than the actual sex because you are both so ready after his vivid descriptions of what you two are going to do it is over in an instant. Ooops. Did I actually say that was a bad thing?

This verbal sign may be able to get both of you off with just his wild words alone. Sexting and raunchy calls will have both of you squealing with delight. This sign is ideal for a long-distance frolic. Use these communications to set the stage for your next sexual encounter. Suggestions for positions and place are negotiable. But the die has been cast, and you are invited to go with the constantly changing flow. Surf, baby, surf.

You and your Gemini lover are likely going to be able to author an up to date version of the ultimate sex position manual after weeks and months of good loving. Be open to all suggestions and express yourself clearly. You must keep things versatile and fluid to keep Gemini coming back for more. Boredom is the death knell to this relationship, so keep adding to the crazy, fun, and outrageous ideas. Think less about his favorite sex position and more about where the two of you can take each other next.

You won’t be sorry.