The killing of George Floyd by a white police officer was a clear indication that America is still struggling with racism and that people should unite for change. See, with the rise in interracial marriage and relationships, someone would think that people are becoming more accepting and more tolerant towards people of other races. Well, I too wanted to believe that we have grown as a nation. That we are a real melting pot. Clearly, I was wrong.

Love is All Colors examines the race relations in America today and why it is important that we make some changes as well as things that need to change. Scroll on as I shed some light on this sensitive issue…

Why America must come together

Last month Joe Biden sadly admitted just how much he and most white Americans have been wrong about racism in America when he spoke with voters in a live stream, “Young Americans Town Hall” saying: “I thought we had made enormous progress when we finally elected an African American president. I thought you could defeat hate, you could kill hate. But the point is, you can’t.” 

The thing is, with the rise of the number of immigrants as well as more interracial marriages, most Americans believe that they have no prejudice in their bones. Because they can stand their friends and families mixed relationships, they don’t see themselves as racists. Because they can interact with people of other races and have friends from other races, they believe that they are not racists.

Sadly this is not the case.

What most of us proclaim with our mouths isn’t exactly what we really feel inside. Subconsciously, most of us still have that racist bone in us. This is the reason why, when some white person meets a black man in an alley, they will clutch their purses, freeze or run in fear. We are still very prejudiced and stereotypical people. This is what needs to change in America.

We need  to awaken to our own naiveté

For us to truly unite for change, we first need to take off the masks that most of us have been hiding behind. We need to awaken and accept the fact that America’s race relations still have a long way to go. I am sure I am not alone. I am sure Joe Biden is not the only person experiencing the awakening that we indeed are racist. This is why incidents like that of George Floyd keep happening. This is why even in Hollywood, people of different races are treated differently. Minorities tend to be sidelined when it comes to receiving Awards nominations as well as when it comes to getting their roles.

George Floyd killing by a white police officer showed the world just how much hate we harbor for one another. It was an agonizing 8 minutes and 46 seconds that was really had to watch… a person putting a knee on the other person’s neck until there is no more breath left in them. We are racist and we must come together as American people. It was very shameful especially during this time of COVID-19 when we really need to watch each other’s backs and come together as people.

2020 riots and fight for justice

There was a lot of differing 2020 riots opinion. But one thing that really shocked the world, was the fact that even states like Utah and West Virginia, which have overwhelmingly white populations also conducted multiple protests. The sales of some books like “How to be an Antiracist” and “White Fragility” shot. Some blacks admitted to having been shocked and overwhelmed by the support they received from their white friends – some even sending monetary support. America must unite in such a manner to stop injustices that are fueled by racism.

Lots of corporations as well as food makers in the U.S. rallied behind the “Black Lives Matter”  campaigns. Now, much as even whites carried placards written “Black Lives Matter”, there were still 2020 riots opinion that was differing. Some still kept hailing that white lives also matter too. Some still remained in the “All Lives Matter” camp.

Well, “All Lives Matter” has never been taken positively especially by Black Americans who keep suffering racial injustices under the hands of white policemen. It’s like being Black in America is a crime on its one. One has to keep looking over their shoulders. And this is the reason why America must come together and grieve with the families of those victimized and listen to the grievances voiced through peaceful protests. It is important to fundamentally understand black lives matter and why we need to all rally behind it. Enough with racial injustices. We need to focus more on police reforms as well as the reversal of systemic racism.

Challenging the anti-riot laws in 2020

A riot is defined as disruptive gatherings that pose an immediate danger to people and property. This is the definition given by the anti-riot laws. The big question is: What danger constitutes an immediate danger? Well, clearly that is something that is left to the interpretation of police officers.

We unite for change because it is very dangerous when the interpretation of what constitutes an immediate danger is solely left to the hands of the police officers. And this has often seen an over-exaggeration of circumstances whenever there is a protest. They sometimes end up arresting and victimizing non-violent protesters. Even when one person so much as throws a bottle, everyone who participated in the riot gets arrested. Unfortunately, most such arrests happen to colored people violating their First and Fourth Amendment rights.

Such broad and opaque nature of the anti-riot laws in why we must come together as American people in order to fight the constitutional violations of these laws. This is because the police exploit the vagueness of these laws by silencing, intimidating, and arresting people peacefully campaigning for a better America. We saw the victimization of nonviolent protesters marching in memory of George Floyd. Even in the fight against police brutality, they still faced aggression and uncalled for arrests.

We all need to take action

We all need to unite for change if we are to make America great again. We all need to rise up against social, economic, and constitutional injustices against people of all races. When it comes to race matters, we are always talking about injustices against people of color. Much as we there might be some injustices done on white people, there are those who sometimes feel like it serves them right – that they also need to experience first hand what people of color usually have to go through. Maybe this is the reason that some people advocate for the “All Lives Matter” movement.

Now, much as minorities are the ones who suffer most, this is the kind of backward mentality that we American’s need to change. Yes. Most minorities are victimized when it comes to opportunities too, for instance, Hollywood jobs and awards. Now most of us are campaigning for equality. Most of us Americans want there to be the kind of change where minorities are given a fair chance and their talents recognized. Does this mean than now, we deny a talented white person a spot just because we have to give a minority a spot? Should we now come up with all-colored people movies that have no white people roles in them?

The 2020 elections

The thing America must unite. And racial unity is the way to go. We need to start movements that push for the real representation of all people regardless of race. We need to push for policies that promote equity and equality for all. Policies that push for social, economic, political, and constitutional justice for all people despite race, religion, or sexual orientation. 

This year’s elections will be driven by race relations especially after different politicians took different stands after the George Floyd murder as well as the protests that followed. Like Hillary Clinton in 2016, Biden is supporting Black Lives Matter activists. Remember what happened to that election? Most white voters alienated Hillary Clinton. Now, much as Biden’s support for Black Lives Matter could also alienate some white voters, the overwhelming support that a considerable number of white people showed during the protests against the George Floyd killing gives us some hope. That’s a positive sign that this year, things might be different.

We can all begin to take action right now and just where you are. We can begin working towards healing the historical wounds of injustices and not allow these wounds to keep scabbing all over America, infecting how the future generations relate to one another. I believe this is something that all Americans can push for.

Let’s give protestors a voice and an ear because, through protests, ordinary Americans make huge differences. Let all Americans have the right to speak up about their rights and what they believe in. Let us stop police brutality against peaceful protests that will push for change that will unite Americans in the future.

So let’s unite for change. Let America be an example to the world where racial justice is preached and practiced. 

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