Developing solid relationships and staying in them for the long haul is something that many of us long to accomplish. Some couples make their connection seem easy and flawless. However they know that major amounts of hard work, commitment and flexibility goes into any lasting match.

If you are wondering how to take your current relationship to the next level or are looking for that man or woman who will be your lifelong soulmate take a look at these secrets known by those who have the most successful relationships.

Looking For Like In All the Right Places

We have all heard of matches seemingly made in heaven. This is where each individual in the couple is very different from the other. Although these pairings can happen and do endure for decades in some circumstances it is more realistic to seek a committed relationship with someone with whom you share some common interests, friends or activities.

Making sure before you take the leap into a serious relationship that you really value and like this person you are considering for promotion to your long-term mate is key. Liking each other is the bedrock for other markers of sustainable relationships, a rich and nuanced friendship not as fraught with the motions of mere infatuation that can make glaring incompatibilities disappear momentarily, only to rear their ugly heads later on when the rose colored glasses are removed.

Finding that perfect man or woman is easier when you are both members of the same social circle, join the same clubs, attend the same schools or work in the same office or field. You have already filtered out those who are not interested in the same things when you use this strategy.

Consistent and Kind Communication

communicationCouple who stay together have figured out a way to keep the information flowing with a minimum of drama. Each pair finds their comfort level and then maintains a consistency throughout the relationship that is predictable and comforting to each of them and nurturing to the relationship.

The couple strikes a balance allowing each to communicate as he or she best can. It also allows for differences in style as long as the meetings of the minds are loving, kind and respectful. A huge part of this “secret” is keeping none, at least from your partner.

Trust and Forgiveness

Every relationship hits some rocky times. The way each partner in the couple reacts when disappointed is a predictor of whether the relationship will weather this and future storms. A willingness to talk about hard things calmly and considerately is necessary.

Each partner should recognize that making a mistake is not the end, but a doorway into an even deeper relationship. Successful couples admit fault and ask for forgiveness. They also work hard to believe their partner is sincere and accept genuine apologies with love and grace. As they work their way through these bumps in the road their trust in each other builds, the foundation needed for a long lasting love affair.

Putting Each Other First

As successful couples move through their lives together they are always aware of the dreams, wants, needs and desires of each other. A generosity of spirit impels each to place the other ahead of themselves. They cater to each other so that both get what they require out of the relationship. Couples that make a go of things remember that the courtship has no end. And that this is the person you pledge to protect and please throughout both of your lives. Their actions show their commitment to this truth.

A Little Time Apart

timeBuilding on the trust developed over days, months and years successful couples are comfortable giving each other the space to pursue other passions in the arts, work, sports, cooking, friends — the list goes on and on. Couple who really make it work are made up of two complete people who can stand alone, strong and independent, yet who want to return to the refuge of their relationship to continue to learn, evolve and grow.