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Selena Gomez has been hitting the headlines this week, as she has dropped two new tracks which are very clearly about her break-up with Justin Bieber.

Selena and Justin Bieber have been in an on again, off again relationship for years – their most recent breakup was in March 2018, just a few months before he got engaged to Hailey Baldwin. Aka his new wife, Hailey Bieber.

However, the singer wants her fans to know that she is slowly but surely recovering from her heartbreak, and the songs were just something she had to do in order to close that chapter of her life.

She opened up about her newest songs, Love You to Lose Me and Look at Her Now, during her interview on On Air With Ryan Seacrest.

The presenter asked Selena about the lyrics, “You turned me down, and now it’s showing. In two months you replaced us, like it was easy” which everyone assumes is about how Justin Bieber moved on with his now wife so quickly.

“It’s also more beautiful for me because I know exactly where I was when I wrote it and how I felt,” Selena Gomez said, adding that she wrote the song over a year ago. Although she would never have released it at the time…

“That wouldn’t have happened. It took me a long time to get through it. But, now it’s fun! I’m smiling! It’s so great.”

We’re grateful that Selena Gomez has finally released the songs, although she feared that it would be “a million times harder” for her to share such personal songs in case she got criticized for them…

“But if I allow that to go in, then I’m never gonna release what I actually feel inside,” she added.

“So, this was me actually feeling like, I did it, like I actually did it, and now, I mean, it’s just up from here. And I wanted to do that, really, for my fans.

“They’ve stood by me for years and years and they’ve walked with me through everything I’ve gone through.

“I just wanted to let them know I was good.”

We have to admit that, despite being happy for Justin and Hailey, we were always wondering how Selena Gomez was coping. So we’re glad that she has released these songs and told her fans that she is doing okay.

Oh, and don’t expect the rest of her album to be an ode to her ex. According to Selena herself, the best is yet to come…

“These two songs were me wrapping up a chapter in a pretty little bow,” she said.

“And the rest of the album is just all about where I am now and where I’m going so in my opinion, these are great songs, but I’ve saved the best for later.”

We can’t wait!

Watch Selena’s full interview below.