These dating tips will give you mileage

Don’t you wish someone gave you dating tips that would save you time and energy in the dating world? The thing is: the dating world has really changed. With online dating, things have become different. So any advice on dating that one can get will definitely come in handy.

The thing with dating is that people go about it the trial-and-error fashion. Try this, don’t work? How about trying something else. But chances are, you find yourself failing over and over again. You find yourself living the “same script different cast” kind of dating. So, what are you doing wrong? Are you the one who is wrong? Why are you attracting the wrong person every other time?

Most people go about dating the wrong way. Sometimes, when you think deeply about it, you realize that you actually might be clueless about all this single dating sh*t. You go to the internet in a bid to find the best dating advice. And there is a sh*t load of it on there because there are tons and tons of singles searching for some form of dating guide because they are failing at the dating game.

Well, to save you the trouble, today, we are giving you 10 surefire tips that you will definitely thank us for them later…

1.      Don’t turn looking for ‘the one’ into an obsession

Much as one would want to prioritize looking for a partner, having an obsession about it is a different case. And this is one of the most important dating tips for women. We all want to end up with someone. It’s a great feeling. However, don’t obsess over it. This obsession is what makes people fail miserably in the dating world. Just take things easy.

2.      If he or she can’t control their drinking, rethink your crush.

The thing with drinking is that it makes us feel great. However, if the person you have a crush on always has their head in a toilet bowl after drinking, or is always out of control when drunk, then you need to rethink the relationship. Much as you might think you can change them, don’t make it your project. People only change if they really want to.

3.      Don’t try too much to impress

The thing with love is: you got to be with someone allows you to be yourself. Don’t get someone who you feel the constant need to make them think you are good enough for them. Just find someone you can enjoy spending time with. Be with the person whose strengths compliment your weaknesses.

4.      Stop stereotyping

A man who is an interior or fashion designer must be gay. A man whose fashion sense is up has to be gay. An athletic woman must be a lesbian. Really? Now, these are the kinds of stereotypes that make people lose out in the dating game. The one could be a male fashionista or athletic. Talents don’t define our sexual orientation.

5.      Don’t let his small annoying behaviors get to you

Everyone has their little annoying behaviors. I am sure you do too. Don’t let these small things come in the way of something great. Learn to let these small things go. It’s never that serious.

6.      Your bored face won’t get you someone.

If you find yourself at a social event and you look bored out of your mind, trust me, that bored face won’t attract people. And don’t go to a bar because you are bored and are hoping that you will find someone to liven up your evening. A happy and lively face and self will always attract that. So put yourself out there when you are feeling happy and lively.

7.      Kill the insecurities

“I am too fat. No one will love me.” “I am too short for a man. No woman will find me attractive.” Really? Are you going to let how you look to come in the way of putting yourself out there? No one is perfect. Even the people we think are perfect have their own insecurities. And trust me, everyone finds love at some point despite their physical appearances. What matters most is the personality.

8.      Entertain yourself by yourself

Sometimes, going to a movie, park or concert by yourself brings out the aura that you are confident enough to just do little things on your own. And while at it, some single person there will see you and ask if they can keep you company.

9.      A first date is just a first date. Not an interview for marriage.

Relax. Don’t scare someone away on the first date with your 21 questions. Plus, remember, both of you are feeling the pressure. Give someone some reasonable doubt.

10.  If he says he is too damaged, he probably is.

If someone says they are too damaged, they probably are. Don’t try to be a savior.

The thing with singles and dating is sometimes they overthink things. Let’s hope the above dating things will ease things up for you.