The Scorpio female knows one thing for sure about her sexual desires. They are all consuming. And she will never tire of plotting ways to have her fantasies of sexual fulfillment met in real life. This sign may seem obsessed with the idea of sex, because, well, she is. Days, nights, weeks, and months can go into the anticipation and planning of the perfect encounter. Quite frankly, Scorpio women can make a career out of sourcing the ultimate sexual experience. Lucky you if you are along for that wild ride when it finally happens.

Or she can spend all that time working herself to the edge of ecstasy only to leave both you and her waiting for the consummation. She isn’t exactly a tease, but she loves the thought almost more than the execution. Even after every single piece of the sexual puzzle seems to be in place, she can disengage. This is perhaps too perfect the presentation even more.

Given this proclivity to set the stage it should come as no surprise that the Scorpio woman is often the lead in fantastical sex role-plays of her own designing. Tread carefully when you commit to a sexual experience with the Scorpion. You may find yourself in a submissive position as she wields a teasing whip.

Domination is a deeply satisfying approach for this dark and intense woman. And if you are willing to go with that flow you may find a whole new level of sexual satisfaction while meeting her every need.

Given her interest in pushing the envelope do not be taken aback if she inflicts a little pain during sex. She may beg you to match her sting for sting. The intensity of her desire means she is willing, even demanding, that both of you cross the line and break through boundaries during sex. Sex toys, unusual positions, taboos (for some) like anal sex may light her fire.

She talks with passion about how she wants to be taken, or how she intends to take charge. Late night phone calls or texting can put both of you on the edge of the knife. She leaves no question of how much she desires wild, unpredictable sex with you. It should not surprise you if she shares every detail of her sexual secrets at a dark, romantic table at your favorite bistro. Looking deeply into your eyes she breathless explains how it is going to be, seductively rubbing up next to you. Leading you on and on.

Once you finally get to the deed concentrate on the rush of feelings and sensations because the sexual position becomes fairly irrelevant. Her favorite sex position is the one that gets both of you off right now. No crazy, hard to maintain acrobatics. Just hard, sweet loving you will never forget as you melt into her eyes. Maintaining that psychic contact during sex is essential, so she will almost always prefer a face to face position, but she won’t care who rides whom.