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When Cardi B speaks, the world listens.

As well as mentioning that she will be canceling the remainder of her tour to focus on the rest of her pregnancy (more on this later) the rapper also shared a series of posts – some of which have since been deleted – to blast social media, in an attempt to stop online hatred from circulating…

“Social media is driving your fav celebs into insanity. If you a fan of these celebs and their work always support them and show love to them,” she wrote.

“These celebs don’t have this tough skin you think they have.

“Social Media have been the most disgusting place. It makes me question humanity and not only on celebs, on other people and situations. I see people on here laughing and getting joy of other people misery.”

Wow – what a keen observation! She also shared a video to let her fans know that some of her tour dates would be canceled because to quote Cardi B herself, “shorty keep growing”.

“So, I just want to make this a little clear and everything,” she began.

“Broccoli Fest will be my last performance for a little while and everything because, you know, shorty keep growing. I be looking like I be moving and everything but in reality, a b-tch barely can breathe.

“I ate like six chicken wings, and I barely can breathe right now.”

We’re sure Cardi’s fans will understand that she needs time to herself to prepare for the little human growing inside her. We know that she will come back bigger and better than ever!