Women have great imaginations, wild fantasies and amazing sex, but just like any other couples, after getting comfortable with each other, action in the bedroom can get a little bit less like an exciting adventure and more like a daily chore. Role play is an incredibly erotic way to heat things up again. So, to get you started, why not have a date night and try out one or two of these naughty games.

Madam’s New Girl


When Madam gets a new girl in her house, it’s up to her to break her in and teach her the tricks of the trade. She needs know that her ‘ladies’ will get wet when required, can provide the kind of oral service that will make the clients happy and can make themselves available in a variety of positions. Madam may need to bathe and examine her new girl as well as require her to demonstrate her special skills. All you need to prepare for this fantasy is to decide who is going to be the Madam and who will be her whore.

Warrior Prize

When a warrior wins her battle, the best part of the winnings is the girl of her choice to service her and please her as and when she requires. Of course, the new girl will want to do everything in her power to make the winner happy and will be keen to demonstrate her special talents for the warrior’s pleasure. Showing her warrior that she can bring her to orgasm better than any of the other girls, might just give her an advantage. It would be fun to go shopping to buy some outfits to wear for this role play. Decide on a period in history and take it from there.


There are a few ways for this sort of fantasy game to play out. Depending on whether or not one or both of you enjoys rape fantasies. The great thing about this exciting and edgy game is that the power and control can go either way. Decide how you want to play it out ahead of time. The basic storyline is that one of you is a kidnapper and the other the hostage. One scenario would involve the kidnapper taking control of her hostage and forcing her to participate in a variety of sexual activity. Her aim should be to force her victim to admit she enjoys being fucked and licked and to make her have an orgasm. Whether she wants to or not.

Alternatively, the hostage could seduce the kidnapper and use her sexual wiles to convince the kidnapper to release her. Can she lick her way to freedom? The dynamic in this type of scene can be a huge turn on with the power moving back and forth between both women. Just remember, if bondage will be involved always agree on a safe word.

Aye Aye Captain


Military fantasies can be incredibly hot, especially if one or both partners have a thing for uniforms. In fact, you may want to acquire a couple of uniforms to make it as realistic as possible. The story is a simple one. As we know, a new recruit is required to do everything her Captain says. Not only that, but if she is insubordinate, she will have to be punished. Doing ten pushups with a vibrator on her clit, might make her more respectful next time. Hopefully that suggestion will fire up your mind about the possibilities with this sort of game.

Can I have your autograph?

This game can get as wild as your imagination can make it. When a groupie wants to get back stage with her favorite rock star, she’ll do whatever it takes to get her attention. That means ‘anything’. Rock stars are used to very dirty girls. They have high expectations when it comes to the things those girls are willing to do. A true rock star will expect a level of hero worship and a groupie will be more than happy to give her that and more. This one leaves much room for creativity. Just how far will your groupie girl go?