When you want to turn up the heat on a new love affair or rekindle the fire in a long term relationship, it may be time to head to your nearest romantic bistro — or maybe your own kitchen. Enjoying good food can be a very sensual experience, the textures very pleasurable and the tastes alluring. Make your choices carefully from the menu, and a delicious dinner just may end up being the aperitif to a delectable and sensuous main course of loving. Needs some ideas? Here are a few sexiest foods to get your juices flowing.

Caesar Salad


Getting ready for some skinny dipping? Find yourself the most perfect of pale green inner leaves of romaine. Snappy and full of moisture, slather this special starter with a hearty, creamy dressing. Lemony and tasting slightly of anchovy, crunch through a savory plateful together, the piquant dressing glistening on each full-flavored bite. You will feel a bit more brazen by the moment.


Cheese or chocolate, fondue is the perfect experience to share with your loved one if you are hoping to meld together a little later. Creamy, steamy, and intimate, sharing that fondue pot is the ultimate in comforting and collaborative dining. Immerse a cube of crusty bread into that cheesy vat of goodness and take a nibble, then offer a taste to your sweetie. Can you say loving? Try chocolate and ruby red strawberries — coat a fresh fruit with a warm, deep liquid cocoa concoction and feed it to your honey. Kiss the sweetness off his or her sugared lips. Mmmmmm.

Crab Or Lobster


Nothing gets some people into the mood more than a little unexpected luxury. An indulgent meal of crab and lobster really fills the bill. The hard work of cracking and sucking out the morsels of sweet meat, combined with the briny saltwater smell, can really get a body into the mood for a whole different kind of exertion. Golden pools of butter create a hot tub of desire — let each morsel of seafood take a buttery bath and then lick each other’s fingers before proceeding to the main event.


All in or all out, garlic stokes the fervor. For an enticing entree and the sumptuous encore as you are sharing the bold taste and aroma of garlic kisses. As long as both of you partake in this assertive taste let the good times roll, right through the bedroom door. Deep breathing followed by co-mingled spicy sighs — just the way to end this sexiest of dining events.

Daring Dessert


Try a little creme brulee to crack the ice with a brand new amore. Or sugar up your well-loved long term companion. Silky smooth, like satin sheets and soft, tender skin, the vanilla infused custard is cold and the crackling topping is warm and tempting. Insert a silvery utensil and feel the earth move as the glaze fractures into dozens of shiny, faceted pieces. Under that hard shell is an unbelievably rich indulgence, yummy and satisfying and it slides down your throat. Snuggle up and spoon after devouring this classic — and each other.