.You know you are doing it but you simply cannot resist. A deadline is looming and you are not making any progress towards the goal. Maybe you are just lazy, but it is more likely that you have gotten into the habit of procrastinating when tasks need to be done. Here are five ways that can motivate you into positive motion on tasks in your busy life, broken down by why the task may seem daunting.

You Procrastinate Because The Task Is Huge


If you have been given or have taken on a large task its apparent vastness may overwhelm you. A strategy for taming this type of procrastination pattern is to take a step back. See how to plan and manage the many smaller tasks within the bigger project.

Create a timeline for yourself so you can make better estimates on how to allocate your attention to the details that make up the task. Use spreadsheets or checklists to illustrate for yourself that the job is getting done in stages. Schedule breaks in your plan to reassess and perhaps get the opinion of a colleague about a work project or a friend or family member about a personal project in terms of the direction you have taken and what you have accomplished so far.

You Procrastinate Because The Task Is Mundane


Running out of milk because you thought it would hold out for one more day? Dinner is ruined because you waited 30 minutes too long to begin cooking? Even routine tasks need a plan and you will find that things work more smoothly if you develop one even for the most ordinary things you do. There was a reason your grandmother or grandfather baked on Wednesday, weeded the garden on Friday, washed clothes on Monday, and ironed on Tuesday. A predictable schedule, along with a grocery list attached to the refrigerator door, makes sure procrastination keeps its distance. Use a mobile calendar and a notebook app to keep track of the everyday things you need to get done.

You Procrastinate Because You Are Unsure Of Your Competence

You are eager to take on a new task at work or try out a new hobby at home. However your “rookie” status gets in the way of getting the job done. Rather than get a reprimand from your boss or an accusation from your partner do your research right away when you are contemplating a new adventure. Seek out mentors at your place of employment or within your industry right away to help you get going. The internet is a treasure trove of DIY tutorials for home improvement projects and even many work related tasks.

You Procrastinate Because You Have Too Many Things On Your Plate

So much to do that you cannot get a thing done? This is a common complaint and has a number of solutions. First off make a list of things you have to do. Then delegate things you simply do not need to do yourself. Look at the items remaining and rank them in order of time sensitivity and importance. Just having a checklist and marking the items off will help you feel much more in control of any urge to procrastinate.

You Procrastinate Because You Procrastinate

If you cling to procrastination because it is a habit work hard to break it!. Use any or all of tips above any time you say to yourself, “I can do that later”. See how much better you feel when the items on your to-do list lessen and daily tasks become routine. Turn procrastinating into being proactive, a much better place to find yourself.