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Shape of Water may have won the biggest prize of the night, i.e. Best Picture, but one of the biggest talking points of the 90th Academy Awards happened at the after party.

Emma Watson, a clear and very vocal supporter of both Me Too and Time’s Up movements, decided to go one step further at the Vanity Fair Oscars party.

The former Harry Potter actress decided to forgo the traditional Time’s Up badge that many other supporters were proudly wearing and instead decided to do it in tattoo form.

Check it out here

The tattoo was big, bold and very clearly seen written on her arm on the red carpet. Fortunately for Emma, it was only temporary, as it contained quite a glaring grammatical error…

The ‘Times Up’ tattoo missed the very important apostrophe, and as you can imagine the internet was less than forgiving…


Love Emma Watson trying too hard to prove how much of a feminist she is with that Times Up tattoo and missing the apostrophe


Emma Watson’s new tattoo is so beautiful, but the spelling error is really annoying. #TimesUp


Got to giggle at the news @EmmaWatson has a grammatical error in her tattoo. At least it looks an easy fix! Get her in to @E4TattooFixers

Of course not everyone criticised her tattoo, as other people focussed on the bigger picture…


Can’t even deal with the fact people could obsess over @EmmaWatson ‘s error on her #TimesUp tattoo. What have we become? If we can’t even make a stand without being criticised.


Emma Watson is so amazing. She really makes an effort for change

Poor Emma Watson. At least she tried.

Hopefully, this is a lesson to everyone to spell-check and proof-read when it comes to permanent body modifications.