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Uh oh. We hate being the reporters of break-up news, especially so close to Christmas…

Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka have reportedly called off their engagement, just ten months after he popped the question to the socialite during a romantic ski trip.

“They broke up a few weeks ago. The relationship moved very fast, and she realized it wasn’t right for her,” a source reportedly told People.

The source added that Paris wants to remain friends with Chris Zylka, although he might not feel the same way, as he is demanding that she returns the $2 Million pear-shaped, 20-carat engagement ring.

Yikes! We definitely didn’t see the break-up coming, but according to people who knew the couple, it was almost inevitable.

Apparently, there were big signs when they were both spotted at a Maddox Gallery event last month…

“It was just awkward. No affection. He was holding her purse and talking to other people,” a source told E! News.

“She was talking to other people and seemed uninterested in engaging with him.

“They were there together, but did not act like a couple.”

We hope both Paris and Chris can move on amicably!