For some (and in truth, probably many) shy girls can be super hot.  They just have that quiet, undefinable quality about them that drives men crazy, but there’s a problem.  Shy women don’t typically respond to the same kinds of advances that more outgoing women respond to.  If you want to attract the attention of one, you’ve got to go about it a bit differently.  This piece will help take the mystery out of the equation. It will give you some practical tips for getting a date with that gorgeous-but-shy woman who has caught your eye.

Details Matter

shy-girl-on-phoneShy women tend to be introverted women.  They have as many, if not more interests and passions that more outgoing types, but theirs tend to be things that can be done or appreciated solo.  If you see a shy woman in a bookstore, pay attention to what she’s reading.  What she’s wearing.  What she orders from the coffee bar.

It’s not enough to simply walk up and start talking about last night’s game, or the party you went to the week before, you’ve got to have something to say, and it has to have substance.

If she’s reading a novel, buy a copy and read it yourself to see what it’s all about.  That’s not something you can fake, you’ve actually got to read it, and form an opinion about it.  She’ll be able to tell in an instant if you try to take shortcuts and just read the Cliffs Notes, and when you strike up a conversation about it, be prepared to defend whatever opinion you’ve formed, because she’s likely going to ask you hard questions about it.

Be Real

shy-girl-getting-flowersOne thing that tends to be true about shy women is that they have a lot of depth.  They spend more time thinking about the things that matter most to them than the rest of us, and although they don’t make a big outward production of it, most tend to be pretty comfortable in their own skins – in the right circumstance.

You need to be the same way.  Shy women probably won’t care much about current events or flashy displays.  You probably won’t have much luck if you try to do something flashy or showy to wow her or sweep her off her feet.  Instead, you’ve got to be low key and genuine.  You’ve got to have firm opinions and speak from the heart.  Don’t be at all surprised if she challenges your opinions and makes you rethink.  That’s good, and for most shy people (men or women) it’s pure magic.

Be Unexpected

At this point, you might think that shy women are stuffy intellectual types.  Some are, but there’s more to it than that.  These women tend to have complex, devilish, well-developed senses of humor, and you can tap into that by doing or saying something (in a low key manner) that’s goofy or unexpected.  Once you have a good sense for where her sense of humor lies and can make her laugh at you or herself consistently, she’ll open up more.

Shy women are amazing.  Never doubt that for a moment.  It takes more effort to get them to open up so you can get to know them, but it’s worth every second.