Metsha felt she had no choice but to try Internet personals, so she posted a profile on our site with the username “Mandarine.”

“I’m extremely shy and cannot approach and meet people,” admits Metsha, embarrassed. “I found online dating much easier. [Your] site was my first experience with it.”

Chris came to us (username: “English85”) because his romantic life was feeling stale. “I saw the same people every day and wanted to meet new people,” he explains, adding that our site was not his first attempt at online dating.

We asked if they were optimistic about opening their accounts with us. “Not confident, really, but I was hopeful,” she says. Chris’ answer is “reasonably confident.”

It took Metsha a REALLY long time to make her love connection, though. How long was she a member before meeting Chris? “Seven years, on and off, I believe,” she says, shaking her head in disbelief.

But her patience was rewarded. More than two years into his membership, Chris noticed Metsha’s profile. He says that Metsha’s picture motivated him to contact her. “Chris reached out to me with a Flirt,” remembers Metsha. “A rose! Honestly, I wasn’t that interested at first… I decided to accept his Flirt because I didn’t have much to do for the rest of that night.”

From there, Metsha jokingly declares that she only agreed to a date with him “so he’d stop bothering me to meet up.” Confronted with this testament to his perseverance, Chris chuckles. “I was attracted to her, and we had a good vibe — well, I thought so, anyway!”

Grudgingly or not, Metsha showed up at Grand Central Station and they went to Applebee’s. Chris quickly melted her heart. Metsha remembers thinking, right away, “Awww, he’s adorable and I love his accent! He made an awkward meeting very comfortable for me. He’s very easy to have conversation with.” Chris says his first thought was “She’s short!”

What surprised Metsha most about their first date? “I went back to his place! That’s so unlike me, considering that I watch Investigation Discovery religiously!”

When Metsha is done laughing Chris adds that he was only surprised by “how well we got on.” Still, it was not a foregone conclusion that they’d see each other again. “I was hopeful,” remembers Metsha, “But he kind of distanced himself, so I wasn’t too optimistic.”

Wow, Chris, what was going on there? “I was dating two other people at the time, so I wasn’t too sure at first,” he admits.

They did go out again, of course, and soon found that their profiles didn’t tell them everything about each other. The quality of “her banter” delighted Chris, and this wasn’t something her profile hinted at. Still, she was very similar to his type. And Metsha didn’t care about such labels, anyway. “I didn’t have a type,” she says, “but I found him attractive. [It was great] having someone I can be myself with, and just joke around and be natural with!”

This relationship might have been touch-and-go at first, but before long they were really trying to make it work. Trouble is, many miles separated them. “He couldn’t handle the distance,” laments Metsha. “Whereas I was in a long-distance relationship for four years, so I was used to it.”

Chris elaborates, “She was in school in Long Island and lived in Brooklyn, and me in Rockland County — distance was an obstacle.”

However, it was the very fact that seeing Metsha was a hassle that told him how much he cared about her. “When I would visit her at school — I don’t like long travels — it was four hours,” he says. But making that trek and not minding it is how he realized this might be special. For Metsha “it was a gradual feeling — I can’t pinpoint one day.”

Having read all this, it still may surprise you to hear that Chris was ready to marry Metsha! He proposed “in bed,” she laughs. “Apparently that wasn’t his plan, but when he meant to do it during dinner, he was really nervous so he just kind of put the box on the bed.”

Metsha was delighted to accept his proposal. “I never pictured myself getting married,” she marvels. “Now that I am, I want to experience so much more with him. I want to travel places, have experiences and, of course, start a family!”

Metsha feels for all those gals out there who haven’t found their mate yet. “It’s really not as bad as people make it out to be,” she says of online dating. “Be smart and safe about everything, but definitely keep the faith! And don’t be too quick to judge a profile pic. Chris’ profile picture wasn’t the best picture he has and, honestly, I wasn’t too physically attracted by that picture, but I’m so glad I gave it a shot because I couldn’t imagine not having him in my life now!”

Chris tells singles to “keep looking and don’t give up! Don’t let one bad experience stop you from trying again. Have fun with it.”

For Metsha and Chris, the fun is just beginning.